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More Virginia History Down The Memory Hole

By Greg L | 3 March 2016 | Schools, Prince William County | 5 Comments

Last night the PWC School Board “resolved” the unusual battle over naming a new elementary school, acceding to a compromise motion from Board member Justin Wilk to erase the name of Governor Mills Godwin from Godwin Middle School and replace it with that of George Hampton, a recent large donor to Democratic Party candidates who funded them to the amount of $2,900 last year.  While for some the opportunity to name a new elementary school after fallen firefighter Kyle Wilson (the other part of this deal) is a cause for relief, the price we will pay in re-writing our history with false narratives in order to advance a liberal political agenda is horrifically unwise.

It has become de rigeur over the last decade or so to scrape off the names of many historical figures from our public monuments under the rationale that they were flawed people who no longer deserve the memorials honoring them.  Our collective memories are sanitized in a modern-day destalinization effort just as vigorous as any that Nikita Kruschev ever embarked on, where any lessons we could ever learn from these fellow countrymen are vigorously banished, and in this case the narrative of what Mills Godwin did and stood for is entirely rewritten and fabricated as being that of an unrepentant racist.  The historical purity test required by our liberal cultural overseers cannot ever be satisfied, and even in cases where it should be such as this one, truth is discarded in favor of a lie because it serves to enshrine a current political figure who these liberal cultural overseers wish to promote.  We re-purpose our schools from institutions of truth to institutions of lies and ignorance, dedicate them to the propagation of racialist dogma, and steer ourselves ever more certainly towards a future of unending conflict in our community.  This determined assault on our cultural heritage for the purpose of serving current political ends is a throwback to the collectivist nightmares of the 20th century that too many in our nation died fighting against.

Mills Godwin was anything but what modern liberals are making him out to be.  Yes, when he was a Democrat aligned with the Harry Byrd machine he was a “massive resistance” segregationist along with all the other Democrat party leaders.  As our country awoke to the awful injustice of that, so did Mills Godwin even to the extent he left the segregationist Democrats, ran as a Republican and was supported by the NAACP in his second run for governor.  His legacy is one of redemption and dedication, one worthy of learning from and even emulating, and if anyone in modern Virginia history demonstrates racial reconciliation and civil rights, Godwin certainly is among the few who would absolutely qualify.  You’d think that modern liberals would celebrate such character, instead of trying to assassinate it with lies and duplicity.

Godwin’s legacy will be replaced, at untold taxpayer expense, with that of George Hampton, A DNC Delegate to the 1980 Democratic Convention, a donor to local Democrat candidates, and a personal friend of School Board member Lillie Jessie.  Whatever qualifications for this honor he might posses seem to pale in light of him telling news reporters that he feels entitled to having a school named after him and that “it’s my turn.”  Clearly the qualification that matters is that he is friends with and funds Democrats, and Democrats went into overdrive to make sure that their political friend got some payback.  The freight train of political payback had such momentum here it clearly ran over any opportunity at all for the local community to consider this and provide their feedback as PWC School Regulation 854-1 requires:

Public comment regarding the naming of a school facility or building shall be solicited from the community through two community meetings. The dates and locations of the community meetings shall be publicized.

When you’ve got some glint of the reflection of light that might signal and end to the tortuous debate about naming what will probably become Kyle Wilson Elementary, apparently little things like school board policy and regulations don’t matter all that much.  Just vote to end the nightmare and let’s be done with this mess, right?  The community doesn’t actually need the opportunity to consider these changes, they’ll be happy with what, we their enlightened leaders, feel is best for them.  Rules are for the little people, not for us.

Or not.  Every year there’s some new demand that we rename something because someone feels offended by a name that hasn’t bothered anyone for forty or fifty years, but doggone it, now some people are really concerned about it and we have to do something right now about it.  One more piece of our history will disappear down the “memory hole” and we can live as a society unencumbered by the lessons of the past as we hurtle towards a future based on discredited ideologies, falsehoods, ignorance and grievance.

Let’s hope liberals don’t ever crack open a history book and figure out who Prince William actually was.

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  1. Scott Hirons said on 3 Mar 2016 at 8:43 pm:
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    As a Godwin alumn (and I know who really cares about what middle school you went to) I’m frustrated with the PWC School Board. What and assinine decision. . .did they put any thought into the cost of changing the name an existing school? Did they put any actual thought into the decision. One thing I have learned serving on a School Board is never, never, never make a spur of the moment decision.

    Really if they wanted to pick a school to rename - why not BelAir ES - which is named after a plantation.

  2. Anonymous said on 8 Mar 2016 at 6:25 pm:
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    Nobody cares what middle school you went to

  3. Anonymous said on 9 Mar 2016 at 5:10 pm:
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    Godwin was a racist but he wised up later in life. Maybe you will too.

    He should not have had a school named after him. He wanted to close schools rather than desegregate them and he only toned it down when the political winds began to blow in a different direction. Maybe an outhouse at an interstate highway rest stop would be a better legacy.

    What bothers me most is that you had nothing to say about this until after the school board acted. You’re playing this for profit, aren’t you?

  4. Greg L said on 10 Mar 2016 at 12:49 am:
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    I wish there was profit in this. My life would be a lot more comfortable.

  5. Anon said on 10 Mar 2016 at 9:17 am:
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    PWC School Board and the Supervisor are laughingstock. They have reduced themselves to less than meaningless. What pathteic action from an elected board!

    What is next? Unisex locker rooms? More astro turf fields? How about more teachers to educate the growing imigrant population? More teachers to reduce classroom over-crowding?

    Sheesh! Keep shining the light on these small people playing with our money!

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