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The End Of The World As We Know It?

14 July 2017 | Patriotism, Crime | 5 Comments

A lot of folks I know are quite concerned about large-scale civil disturbances after watching events unfold such as happened in DC, Ferguson and Baltimore, along with the re-emergence of violent anarchists such as AntiFa. Commercial property is set ablaze, cars are firebombed, cops get shot and wide swaths of the community are vandalized, […]

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Is Illegal Alien Crime Declining?

5 July 2017 | Illegal Aliens, Crime | No Comments

Of the 22 murders in Prince William County in 2016, eight of them were at the hands of persons known to be illegal aliens.  The press  also reports that 1 of the 10 persons arrested for rape in the county were illegal aliens as well.  Gee, the press would have you think that crime coming from illegal […]

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