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Pat Who???

By Greg L | 31 October 2017 | Manassas City | 3 Comments

We’ve uncovered much regarding Patricia Ritchie-Folks (and all the other aliases she’s used over the years), and have started to dive down into what she’s done in the many places she’s lived, but really we’ve only covered her time in Georgia. Looking at it now, it’s as if Sherman’s March to the Sea got intermingled with a caravan of Gypsy fraudsters. Where did the “Pat Show” go next? Tough to say, what with all of those overlapping names and addresses, Paticia Richie-(Pick-a-name here) was using. As best as we can tell, Pat (is it REALLY Pat?) landed in Florida. Perhaps Florida was a chance to get a “fresh start”. She settled in a modest apartment, not far from the beach, near Miami. Who wouldn’t want a little time in the Sun? But, it seems that Pat couldn’t break some of her old habits. You know, like paying her bills. Pat was sued by a company that provides care for the elderly:

Address: 8216 CRESPI BLVD, MIAMI BEACH, FL 33141-1327 (Miami-Dade COUNTY)
Filing County: 12086
Court Case Number: 06-5704-COCE-51
Total Judgment Amount: $4,800
Deed Category Type: Placement
Damar Document Type: Judgment
Recording Number: 107104290
Recording Book Number: 44113
Recording Page Number: 1978
Recording Date: 05/31/2007

When we contacted the court and plaintiff’s attorney, we were told that this judgment remains outstanding.

Why would Pat concern herself with laws and court-orders and such, when she could just assume one of her many aliases and move on? This is where it gets mighty confusing. A year before being sued, Pat’s paper-trail gets mingled with that of a woman who died in 2006, and the deceased and Pat are listed as “cohabitating”. So Pat is living with an elderly woman, helps to (not) pay for her care, the woman passes and Pat gets sued and loses. Nothing too strange there, beyond the fact that Pat hasn’t settled the judgement. This begs another question as to whether or not this liability was disclosed when she filed as a candidate for office, but that will have to keep for now.

You see, up until this time there was one common thread linking Pat’s many aliases, across so many addresses, through multiple court cases, all involving mismanagement of money: her social security number (267-84-XXXX). So while it was time-consuming to sort through the aliases, which were all derivations of “Pat”, we could verify that we had the right person, regardless of the formation of the alias.

But either Pat started to get smart, or she was the victim of ID theft, but the record for use of this SSN by multiple individuals AND the use of another SSN by one or two of Pat’s “AKA’s” starts to appear in public records. What is significant is the other SSN just happens to be that of Pat’s former roommate. Oh, and when you read this, understand that “Subject” means Pat, under one or more of her numerous aliases

Record(s) found, Subject using same SSN:

Subject Using Deceased Individual’s SSN KATHRYN W HUBBARD
Date of Death: 08/02/2006, Died at 81
Zip Code at Death: 80014
SSN: 267-84-XXXX issued in FLORIDA in 1963
SSN: 267-26-XXXX issued in FLORIDA between 1934-1951

Other Individuals Observed with shared SSN:
Age: 83

Now we understand if this is a bit tough to follow, but as best as we can figure, it looks like Pat (were you going by Pat at the time?) relocated to Florida, roomed with a dying elderly lady, somehow got herself on-the-hook for her medical care, defaulted on the obligation, was sued, and lost in court. As of this writing, she hasn’t paid the court-ordered judgement. Then, about the same time, her records begin displaying the SSN of the deceased, and several others began using hers. One in particular stands out: Connie Nichols. Records for Connie appear all over the public record, using the same SSN as Pat (Is it Pat, or is it Connie?), for a period of time that ends right about the time that Pat (or maybe Connie) moved into our area.

Now all of this might be some SNAFU, crossing multiple reporting systems, or it could be something more sinister, like a conspiracy to defraud (Medicare, Social Security, Welfare, Section-8). Considering Pat (Can we even call you Pat?) has held so many aliases, had so much money-trouble, and moved (or ran) so often, we will leave it to you to decide.

Tomorrow, we will bring you up to the date that Pat (or maybe Connie) blew into our town, and decided to bestow her “Vast financial experience” upon the unsuspecting (an uninformed) citizens of Manassas.

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  1. A Concerned Citizen said on 31 Oct 2017 at 12:28 pm:
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    Wow! My vote if for criminal conspiracy to commit fraud. It certainly looks as if she’s running from a scam, or scamming for a run!

  2. Another Concerned City Citizen said on 31 Oct 2017 at 1:53 pm:
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    At what point did she have her illegitimate children that she admitted to when giving her classification talk to her Rotary Club???

  3. A Concerned Citizen said on 31 Oct 2017 at 2:22 pm:
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    Judging from her addresses and aliases, my guess is they were spread around a bit.

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