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Archives for November 2017

Patricia Richie-Folks: The Underwhelming Candidate

4 November 2017 | Manassas City | 6 Comments

Here is Patricia’s resume, the one she provided to the Manassas City Council in consideration for her first attempt to gain political power.
2011-2015: Secretary for a small magazine that went out of business
2008-2011: Telemarketer
2007-2008: Temp Office Help
1998-2007: Ran the laundry at a hospital
Based on her experience, would you hire Patricia to be the accountant for […]

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Danica Roem: It’s All About Trannies

4 November 2017 | 13th HOD District, Prince William County | 20 Comments

Danica Roem, picured on left
Every election cycle the strangest, most unqualified and thoroughly unelectable Democrat candidates come out of the woodwork to challenge Delegate Bob Marshall in the 13th District. I’d thought I’d seen just about everything, but then this Danica Roem character shows up. Good Lord, if this is the direction our political culture […]

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Pat, In Her Own Words

3 November 2017 | Manassas City | 3 Comments

We’ve decided to take a bit of a break from the web of deception Patricia (Fill-in-The-Blank) in the years prior to her relocating her flim-flam, here in Manassas. Pat has decided to make her case directly to the voters, as to why they should reelect her, and she remains true to form. In striving for […]

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