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All In For John Gray

By Greg L | 11 April 2019 | PWCRC, Prince William County | 3 Comments

With Marty Nohe apologists all foaming at the mouth with manufactured outrage at how John Gray is apparently attacking homeschoolers on social media, they still can’t explain how this fake issue is more important than the real issue of how Marty Nohe has raised your property taxes by over 300% during his tenure on the Board of County Supervisors, supports the unlawful presence of illegal aliens, and how at every primary election he encourages Democrats to participate in Republican nominating contests.  Make no mistake here: if Marty Nohe is nominated, he WILL lose the general election just as surely as Barbara Comstock, another pseudo-Republican lost the 10th Congressional District.  

The electoral picture of the 10th Congressional District and Prince William County are rather quite similar.  The political divides are rather stark, their electoral histories are quite similar, and presuming Nohe manages to flood the firehouse primary with a sufficient number of Democrats to win the nomination, he does bear quite a resemblance to Comstock, although Comstock wasn’t anywhere near as bad on tax issues as Nohe.  Comstock’s strategy was to coddle up to the Democrats who wouldn’t vote for her, try to retain enough Republicans to vote for her out of “brand loyalty,” finance it all with big corporate money, and with that coalition cruise to victory.  Nohe’s strategy is to load up with developer money, coddle Democrats, get enough Republicans to support him out of “brand loyalty” and then give voters in Prince William County the choice between a real Democrat and a fake Democrat.  Your crystal ball doesn’t have to be terribly reliable to figure out how this goes.

This is turning out to be just as ugly a primary as the Comstock/Hill primary that got so many folks upset over inconsequential nonsense while ignoring the real issues of governance, policy and records. John Gray is no more the perfect candidate than Shak Hill was, but just like with Shak Hill, nominating John Gray gives Republicans a chance to win the general election, whereas nominating Marty Nohe will just result in the same Republican under-voting and grassroots disengagement that sent Comstock into political retirement and saddled the 10th Congressional District with a rabid leftist that will serve them very poorly.

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  1. Brent said on 12 Apr 2019 at 1:08 pm:
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    If Marty is a real conservative Republican when will he be issuing a statement supporting President Trump’s proposed policy to placing detained illegals from the border in Sanctuary Cities only?

  2. Van Buren said on 9 May 2019 at 12:08 pm:
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    How does it feel to always be so angry and absolute about your political beliefs. As a linkage institution you should be a little more responsible about your criticisms and consider the political differences between your party and who’s leading the party.

  3. Captain Obvious said on 17 Nov 2019 at 9:41 am:
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    You’ve been quiet since the election. So much for being all in for John Gray lol

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