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BVBL is the most-read political website in Northern Virginia due to the huge readership by those who live in the Prince William County area. With it’s strong geographic focus, businesses in Prince William County and the Manassas area will find advertising on BVBL to be an extremely cost-effective way of reaching exactly those who you want as customers.

Our Readership

Currently we are serving 6,453 distinct IP addresses and responding to 55,153 requests for pages every week. In March BVBL responded to 279,432 requests for pages.

Approximately 60% of these requests came from within Virginia, and of those out-of-state, the majority are from DC and Maryland during the day. Within Virginia, about 75% of those requests are from within Prince William County.

How To Advertise

A cost-effective way to start is to take advantage of our blogads placement on the right-hand sidebar. The sidebar placement is non-exclusive, but your add will appear every time the page is served. To reserve a space on the sidebar, click here.

For more impact, the banner at the top is also available. This is a custom placement, and pricing depends on the size and duration of the ad. The banner ads are exclusive and run for one-week periods. The maximum size for our headline banner is 600×100 pixels. Contact us for information on pricing and availability.

A smaller banner is available between the content of a post and the comments for a post, with a maximum size of 468×60 pixels. This is an exclusive placement, currently available for $20 per week.


Your graphic can either be hosted on the BVBL webserver, or you can host your graphic on your website provided that website is responsive and will not affect page load times for readers in any significant way. If you have your graphic hosted on our webservers, you will receive a weekly report of the number of times your graphic was loaded.

We can develop your graphic for free, or you can provide your own.


“Our campaign with BVBL coincided with a 30 percent rise in our traffic in the course of a single month, much of which is directly attributable to our new presence in the BVBL community. In addition, we get about 30 clickthroughs a day from our ads even now, two months into the campaign. There is no other blogging community in Northern Virginia which could have produced these kinds of results for us.”

“Advertising on BVBL gave us ad impressions at a cost of about a third of what Google Adsense charges, and because the readership is so geographically tight those ads went right to the people we wanted.  We couldn’t have gotten better value for our advertising dollar.”

“I didn’t want to wait months to slowly build traffic to my website.  My ad on BVBL gave me the immediate traffic boost I needed in one week.”

BVBL is not a charity and your support is not tax-deductible.

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