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Crucifying Conservatives For Fun And Profit

27 February 2014 | RPV, Blogs | 22 Comments

As the Communications Arm of the Barbara Comstock campaign continues in their drive to crucify anyone who stands in the way of Comstock’s coronation, we might want to step back for a moment and consider just what the long-term impact might be of this new, leftist-style penchant for wanting to destroy good and decent conservatives with whom […]

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On Business, Blogging and Politics

15 February 2014 | Virginia Politics, Blogs | 31 Comments

It seems some bloggers aren’t quite as interested in their readers knowing the truth as I am, so as much as I don’t want to write this, I really feel I have no other choice.

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How Much Does It Cost A Campaign To Buy A Blogger?

13 February 2014 | Virginia Politics, Blogs, US Congress | 12 Comments

The next time you see some blog post supporting Barbara Comstock or trashing her opponents with silly arguments, make sure you ask yourself this question: is the person writing this article on Barbara Comstock’s payroll?  Or is the local self-styled pundit who is clogging up a comments thread being paid to do so by a […]

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Paywalls To Soon Block News Sites In Virginia

7 December 2012 | Local Media, Blogs | 6 Comments

The Washington Post, in an article which rather strangely reports on the Washington Post as if it was a third party, announced that it is “reportedly,” according to unnamed sources, considering putting up a paywall on their online edition.  In addition, the 80 local newspapers sold by Media General to Warren Buffet (less the Manassas News & […]

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On County Supervisors, Corners and Paint Buckets

8 August 2012 | Blogs, Prince William County | 23 Comments

Recently Chairman Corey Stewart complained to the Washington Post about “conservative bloggers trying to paint him into a corner” in regards to ethics reform on the Prince William County Board.  For years this same segment of the electorate were among his most dedicated and reliable supporters.  When he wanted to get something done, these were the […]

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Blogging Without Core Principles

16 May 2012 | Virginia Politics, Blogs | 29 Comments

There’s quite a bit of chatter bouncing around the Virginia blogosphere about how the appointment of Tracy Thorne-Begland as a judge was shot down this week, most of which has wrongly claimed — and without any supporting evidence whatsoever — that anyone opposing this nomination was simply a bigot. Quite a few Republicans, most […]

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1.5 Million Visits

16 April 2012 | Blogs | 9 Comments

BVBL crossed another milestone on Sitemeter today as we passed 1,500,000 site visits this morning.  That number’s pretty close to the combined populations of Fairfax and Prince William counties, which doesn’t imply they’ve all paid us a visit yet but gives a little context to just how big a number that is.
If I only had […]

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The News & Messenger Keeps It Classy

15 November 2011 | Blogs, Prince William County | 11 Comments

You can add one more item to your overflowing bag of reasons why you shouldn’t subscribe or advertise in the News & Messenger today, as their editor starts making not-so-veiled threats against the founder of PotomacLocal.com, which just happens to be outworking this dinosaur on the other end of the county from me.  I can […]

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BVBL Crosses Three Million

10 September 2011 | Blogs | 5 Comments

Sitemeter reports we’ve crossed the three million page view mark this past week.  Although my server logs report much higher numbers, sitemeter filters out visits and page views by bots from search engines and other automated crawlers, so this number pretty closely tracks actual eyeballs.  With 3,905 posts and 104,027 comments on BVBL it sure […]

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11 April 2011 | Virginia Politics, Blogs | No Comments

Not many things bug me more than when people who are supposed to be able to think for themselves swallow obvious leftist inanities without hint a critical thought.  Such is the case with Bacon’s Rebellion today, a Virginia blog that at least used to receive widespread acclaim for thoughtful analysis.  When the wildly partisan leftist […]

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On Attacking The Survivors Of A Tragedy

15 February 2011 | Illegal Aliens, Crime, Blogs | 47 Comments

Defending illegal aliens must be a really difficult position to hold these days. After another massacre of innocent immigrants and natural-born citizens alike by an illegal alien, and the rape of an eight year old child by another illegal alien, following MS-13 attacks on schoolchildren committed by yet another illegal alien, finding a policy […]

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The Lawsuit Is Over

5 February 2011 | Blogs, Manassas City, Prince William County | 18 Comments

This week I received paperwork from the Clerk’s office notifying me that the lawsuit initiated against me by Steve Chapman has been dismissed.  Now that this legal cloud has been lifted I can give readers the full, behind the scenes story of the founding of this website without being concerned about how someone might use […]

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Comment Number 100,000

13 January 2011 | Blogs, Prince William County | 36 Comments

And true to form, it’s something guaranteed to turn a lot of heads as Mike Albertness tells us that Chief Deane has secretly shut down the police department’s Criminal Alien Unit, something he was directed to establish by the Board of County Supervisors in 2006.  Details are below the fold…

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The Krystal Ball Post Comes Down

12 October 2010 | Virginia Politics, Blogs, US Congress | 14 Comments

The Krystal Ball story has generated so much national attention that the availability of this server has been terribly compromised.  While it’s nice to get attention from far and wide, BVBL isn’t done for a national audience.  There are plenty of other places where items of national interest can be found, and the vast majority […]

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More Reader Feedback

2 September 2010 | Blogs | 19 Comments

It’s always such a treat when “enlightened” leftists drop by to comment after seeing or reading something about me and have their comments immediately snapped up by the comment filters that do their best to keep BVBL somewhat family-friendly.  Every once in a while it might be worth it to share with readers these pearls […]

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Welcome NLS Readers

17 August 2010 | Blogs | 33 Comments

If NLS readers are upset about the previous guest post about islamists trying to locate a mosque at “ground zero” in New York, they can kiss my butt.  I remember 9-11, I remember the innocent people who died on that day, and if liberals want to get their panties in a twist because Americans don’t […]

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Blognetnews Closes Shop

14 July 2010 | Blogs | 2 Comments

It was a great run, and a terrific service, but Dave Mastio has announced that BlogNetNews.com is shutting down.  What a shame.
I’m really going to miss it.

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Sarah Palin: Nixon In Drag

29 June 2010 | National Politics, Blogs | 18 Comments

So says Brian Kirwin, anyways.  The Daily Press dives into the controversy and digs up some fascinating tidbits about what happened at Freedom Fest, making an already bizarre case even stranger.
It was pretty funny at the time to me. Sarah was giving boilerplate rhetoric from a written speech. Nothing wrong with that, but what […]

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Freedom Fest Kicks Out Conservative Blogger

28 June 2010 | National Politics, Virginia Politics, Blogs | 33 Comments

Jim Hoeft over at Bearing Drift gets kicked out of the Freedom Fest in Hampton Roads just as Sarah Palin starts speaking???
Beware, patriots.  When big-name organizers tightly associated with one political party try to create their own Tea Party type events, don’t ever think that they give a damn about the real grassroots.  It’s one […]

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One Million Visits

12 December 2009 | Blogs | 16 Comments

According to sitemeter, we crossed the one million visits mark at BVBL this week.

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