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The Week The Aggregators Died

1 December 2009 | Blogs | 4 Comments

It’s not easy keeping up with maintenance and increasing capacity on a blog aggregator, and these days it appears to be even more challenging than usual.  Two aggregators I find particularly useful in keeping up with what others are saying in Virginia have been failing this week, a frustrating return to the days when the only […]

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Live Coverage of the PWC Victory Party

1 November 2009 | Virginia Politics, Blogs, Prince William County | No Comments

I’m working out the details now, but it looks like I’ll be able to live stream coverage from the PWC Victory Party at L&B’s Pizzaria starting at 7:00PM Tuesday night.  Republicans in some of the most-watched districts in Virginia will be there for live interviews, as well as local elected officials and perhaps quite a few surprise guests.  […]

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Best Political Video Of 2009

31 October 2009 | 51st HOD District, Blogs | 11 Comments


The Berry Award winners for 2009 have been announced, and local candidate Rich Anderson has garnered the top prize for this video, entitled “Leadership”.  Congratulations to the Anderson campaign for setting the standard this election cycle!

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Voting Is Open: Best Video of 2009

28 October 2009 | Virginia Politics, Blogs | No Comments

Bearing Drift has opened the voting for the Berry Awards — recognizing the effective use of Web 2.0 in Republican political campaigns and by Republican activists in Virginia — and you need to go vote.  I’ve been nominated for my video of the Cuccinelli/Shannon debate (which has pulled in over 19,000 views so far), and Northern […]

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Months Later, The News & Messenger Drives By

23 October 2009 | Jeanette Rishell, Blogs, 50th HOD District | 26 Comments

Months after the story broke, the News & Messenger finally devoted all of four sentences to a controversy between a candidate for the House of Delegates and this local blogger that involves First Amendment issues, homosexual conduct and free porn.  What local journalism has sunk to in these days of fiscal retrenchment, while biased editors who will […]

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Best Web 2.0 Nominations Are Open!

21 October 2009 | Blogs | No Comments

Bearing Drift has nominations up for the best use of New Media this election cycle, and the list so far is pretty impressive.  Head on over and nominate who you think did the best with video, campaign blogs and other new media technologies, and help recognize the folks who are on the cutting edge of […]

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Steve Shannon Video Tops 10,000 Views

18 October 2009 | Virginia Politics, Blogs | 4 Comments

UPDATE 10/27: Now over 18,000 views!

This quick edit of what happened during a debate between Virginia Attorney General candidates Ken Cuccinelli and Steve Shannon topped the 10k viewership mark this evening.  It’s been picked up far and wide by political observers who still can’t fathom how a state-wide candidate could blunder so badly during […]

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Case Closed?

16 September 2009 | Blogs, Manassas City, Prince William County | 38 Comments

Reporters at the Manassas News & Messenger sure put some interesting thoughts out on the internet when they’re not writing copy for the paper.  To wit:
“there is a clear comparison between what has happened here in Prince William County, VA and what elements invoked and supported the Nazi regime”
At least in this case, we’re not left to […]

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NLS Sabotages Deeds Campaign

12 August 2009 | Virginia Politics, Blogs | 7 Comments

Not Larry Sabato makes the claim that a Bob McDonnell booth at a Virginia gun show included a confederate flag.  Creigh Deed’s campaign manager starts promoting the story.  The the Washington Post figures out, quite obviously that the flag was in the next booth and the whole “let’s make Bob McDonnell look like he said ‘macacca’” […]

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News & Messenger Blog Shuts Down

30 July 2009 | Blogs, Manassas City | 4 Comments

The News and Messenger tried doing a blog, and like so many others started by newspapers, it’s closing up shop.  Editor Alex Granados ran the operation for about eight months and announced today he’s discontinuing the effort.  While trying this is a good idea, and some mainstream media outlets (particularly the Washington Post) have been […]

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The Video Jeanette Rishell Doesn’t Want You To See

30 July 2009 | Jeanette Rishell, Blogs | 3 Comments

Here’s the video that the Jeanettte Rishell campaign doesn’t want you to see. We’ll do our best to keep making this available as the Jeanette Rishell campaign continues to abuse “takedown” provisions of the Digital Millenium Copyright Act, alleging that no one can employ “fair use” provisions of copyright law to […]

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TC Is Back Up

21 July 2009 | Blogs | 3 Comments

After an unexplained outage that lasted more than a week, Too Conservative is back up and looking better than ever.  Let’s hope they don’t have to struggle through that again anytime soon.

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10,000 Video Views!

5 July 2009 | Blogs | 3 Comments

Today my channel on YouTube blew through the 10,000 video view mark, which I thought was pretty neat considering I don’t have dozens of liberal bloggers and mainstream media outlets promoting everything that I upload, as some on the other side of the political aisle often enjoy.  These videos are getting viewers only because they’re […]

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RPV Convention Embraces New Media

2 June 2009 | RPV, Blogs | 13 Comments

The convention of the Republican Party of Virginia was an awesome event, although I had little time to take much of it in.  The RPV New Media Committee through sponsorship from the House Republican Caucus engaged me in streaming the convention live on ustream as well as running a mini-studio on the floor of the […]

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Getting Ready For the RPV Convention

9 May 2009 | RPV, Blogs | 6 Comments

Back when Jeff Frederick was RPV Chairman, he set in motion some interesting initiatives that are now coming to fruition under interim Chairman Pat Mullins.  Previous RPV Conventions used to generally tolerate blogs, but this year’s convention may be the first to bring blogs and New Media front-and-center.  The details are still being worked out, […]

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My “Distraction”

11 March 2009 | Blogs, Prince William County | 35 Comments

Regular readers may have noticed some light posting lately, and for that I apologize.  The above video, along with the others now being posted at the website of Bethlehem Evangelical Lutheran Church have been keeping me busy lately, along with work.  After Lent when I’m managing multiple productions a week, it […]

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Top Ten BVBL Posts of 2008

1 January 2009 | Blogs | 5 Comments

This was quite a year for BVBL, setting a few records for daily bandwidth usage and blowing past the previous record for page views.  Here’s a look back at the most-read posts for 2008, showing a few highs, but mostly the lows of 2008:

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Let’s Get Blogs 4 Borders Back Online!

22 November 2008 | Blogs | 8 Comments

Out in Chicago there’s some friends of mine who run “Blogs 4 Borders“.  Up until recently they produced a weekly video on the illegal alien issue from a national perspective, which has just been terrific.  Like all of us in this fight it is a labor of love, conviction and patriotism, but certainly not one […]

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Firefox Is Not Beating Internet Explorer

11 November 2008 | Blogs | 7 Comments

J’s Notes is reporting that Firefox has overtaken Microsoft Internet Explorer in the latest round of the “browser war” (such as it is these days), although I haven’t seen it.  It would be nice to see MSIE fade away, as it’s a pain to support since it doesn’t support industry standards, but tries to impose […]

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Apostasy On The Left

2 August 2008 | National Politics, Blogs | 21 Comments

There hasn’t been much over at Howling Latina worthy of mention since she made such a huge effort to help Jeanette Rishell get thumped by Jackson Miller in the 2006 Special Election for the 50th District.  This erstwhile communist was the source of much amusement then, and today she returns to the pinnacle of over-the-top […]

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