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Verizon Pulls The Plug On Their Email Service

30 June 2017 | Local Economy | 5 Comments

All you folks with a “verizon.net” email address are going to have a decision to make shortly.  Do you pay extra for some unknown third-party email provider to provide you service at some unknown price just so you can continue to advertise the Verizon brand that has now abandoned you?  Or do you sign up with someone […]

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Martha Boneta Doc Released On YouTube

4 October 2015 | Local Economy, Virginia Politics | 2 Comments

When I heard that Martha Boneta’s story had been made into a documentary film, I was intrigued, and when that film won an audience award at the Anthem Film Festival, I got pretty excited about seeing it.  The only difficulty was waiting for a showing that was relatively convenient to travel to and for most […]

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Is The BCP Dead?

31 March 2015 | Loudoun County, Local Economy, Virginia House, Prince William County | No Comments

Delegate Tim Hugo will have a press conference on Wednesday about the Bi-County Parkway.  Having heard nothing about this project for months, I was pretty intrigued.  When I asked his staff what this could be about, all I could get about this was “If you oppose the BCP tomorrow will be a good day.”
Now I’m […]

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Lurching From One Crisis To Another In PWC

10 January 2015 | Local Economy, Prince William County | 8 Comments

Parts of Western Prince William County are up in arms once again as a result of Dominion Power seeking to extend power lines to what is most certainly a new data center project in Gainesville.  It’s a recurring theme in areas of the “rural crescent,” especially around the Manassas battlefield, as this has been happening […]

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Estimating The Cost of UACs in Virginia

24 July 2014 | Local Economy, Illegal Aliens, Virginia Politics | 4 Comments

One of the questions state and local government has refused to answer thus far is what will the impacts be on our local communities as a result of non-profits getting on the massive money train of the Federal “Unaccompanied Alien Children” program.  It’s hard to assess them all, but again, state, federal and local governments […]

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What Is The Future of Exurban America?

2 July 2014 | Local Economy | No Comments

There’s sort of a landmark town our family passes through on the way to and from relatives.  It’s not the nice sort of landmark that makes you think “boy, wouldn’t it be great to live there,” but one of those innumerable decaying small towns with boarded up buildings, vacant houses and an economic base that […]

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Rally Against The Outer Beltway

6 October 2013 | Loudoun County, Local Economy, Virginia Politics, Prince William County | 2 Comments

Ken Cuccinelli delivered these remarks at the Rally Against The Bi-County Parkway (which I refer to as the Outer Beltway), making it very clear that this November we have a choice for Governor between one person who stands with people, and another whom stands for anyone willing to cut him a check.

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Freedom For Liberty Farm

4 September 2013 | Local Economy, Virginia Politics, Virginia Senate | 3 Comments

We like to think that local governments, being the closest to the people, are the ones that would be the most responsible. As we’ve seen too often in Prince William County, that’s not the case. There’s sadly no unique characteristic that makes a local government better or worse than any other level, but […]

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Terry McAuliffe’s Economic Illiteracy

29 July 2013 | Local Economy, Virginia Politics | 4 Comments

So Terry McAuliffe has no idea what he’s talking about when the subject turns to Virginia. That’s hardly a surprise.

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Was North Korea Booked Solid?

19 February 2013 | Local Economy, Prince William County | 3 Comments

You’d think that if you wanted to find an organization dedicated to free markets, free enterprise and the tremendous benefits of capitalism to a country and its people, your local Chamber of Commerce would be the place to look.  After all, the members of a local Chamber of Commerce simply wouldn’t exist without all of […]

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Ashburn Is #1 Now, Until It Gets Burned To The Ground

20 January 2013 | Local Economy, Humor & Satire | 4 Comments

The Wikimedia Foundation has announced that it is moving hosting of their main technical operation, including Wikipedia, to a data center in Ashburn, Virginia from their current hosting provider in Florida.  Wikimeda explains that “this is intended to improve the technical performance and reliability of all Wikimedia sites, including Wikipedia,” which is a pretty big compliment to […]

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Townhouses or Telecomm?

17 June 2011 | Local Economy, Prince William County | 21 Comments

Guest commentary by Bob Pugh, candidate for the Republican nomination for Coles District Supervisor.
A surprising, but welcome new phenomenon is being seen here and there; only a little at first but hopefully something that will grow.  It is insourcing of jobs and bringing them back to America.  This article on CNN’s website today cites some […]

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Pizzeria Illegal

10 February 2011 | Fairfax County, Local Economy, Illegal Aliens | 31 Comments

The Pizzeria Uno’s in Manassas is holding fundraisers so illegal alien day laborers in Centreville can have a government-approved facility that will facilitate violations of our labor and immigration laws.  That’s too bad.  I really used to like going there.

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Say It Aint So: The Open Borders Crowd Lied Again?

30 December 2010 | Local Economy, Illegal Aliens, Prince William County | 12 Comments

Remember all those dire warnings about how the Rule of Law Resolution was going to destroy the local economy and wipe out the local real estate market?  Here’s a shocker — the open borders leftists were wrong.  I know, it’s quite a surprise, given their track record.
But one of the four areas where housing prices […]

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Watching That Local “Stimulus” Money

15 July 2010 | National Politics, Local Economy | 4 Comments

The President was speaking about how the stimulus supposedly had created or saved ninety-bazillion jobs so far, and that prompted me to take a look at the ever-amusing data from recovery.gov to see what Obama has been “stimulating” in my neighborhood.  Right at the corner of Sudley Road and Lomond Drive there’s a Pollo Campero […]

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Could It Be?

9 April 2010 | Local Economy, Prince William County | 18 Comments

Chairman Corey Stewart sent out a press release today saying a big announcement will be made on April 13th that involves a new museum locating in the county.  The press release also mentions “tanks, half tracks, jeeps and other pieces of historic wartime equipment on display.” Not many national museums feature armored vehicles and might […]

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Another Outrageous Waste Of Taxpayer Dollars

10 February 2010 | National Politics, Local Economy | 10 Comments

When IndyMac was shut down by the FDIC, the assets were sold off at a steep discount to a bunch of Democratic Party insiders.  As part of the deal, the FDIC guaranteed to cover creatively-calculated “losses” allowing banks to reap rich taxpayer-subsidized profits in a way that actually encourages banks to foreclose rather than work […]

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Locally: $3.8 Million Per Stimulus Job

6 January 2010 | National Politics, Local Economy | 4 Comments

If it weren’t bad enough that taxpayers shelled out over five million dollars to “save or create” one-tenth of one job in Orange, Virginia, it turns out that we’ve been funneling money to zip codes in Virginia that don’t even exist, according to the Old Dominion Watchdog.  The “stimulus” program has clearly devolved into a […]

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Property Assessments Arrive

24 March 2009 | Local Economy | 96 Comments

Property assessments in Prince William County arrived in resident’s mailboxes today, and more than a few are rather surprised, given the emails I’ve been getting.  Drops of more than $100,000 are common, shaving off 30% or more of a home’s assessed value.  While the decreases were expected, seeing the actual numbers show up is a […]

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Residential Market Update

12 December 2008 | Local Economy | 21 Comments

Our local residential real estate market started a remarkable turnaround starting last June that is still going strong.  The chart at left shows the change in the supply of houses on the market in Prince William County, Manassas and Manassas Park starting in May which has steadily declined through December 1st.  The number of houses […]

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