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Prince William Tops Real Estate Market For Sixth Straight Month

13 August 2008 | Local Economy | 48 Comments

This is starting to fall out of the category of “news”, but Prince William County and Manassas once again was by far the hottest residential real estate market in Greater Northern Virginia in July, with year-over-year sales up 103% over July of 2007.  Culpeper County came in second with a 25% increase, and nowhere else […]

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Hard Times On Route 234

29 July 2008 | Local Economy | 92 Comments

Oh, what a happy day.  Hard Times Cafe is getting ready to open on Route 234 near Sudley Manor Drive in what used to be a Korean mafia owned place called “Sharpshooters”.  For a while that place was having a “gay night” on Thursdays, and was the scene of several large brawls connected with their […]

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Prince William Real Estate Outperforms Again

11 July 2008 | Local Economy | 22 Comments

The upswing in residential sales continues for June, with the Prince William County area leading the Northern Virginia region for the sixth straight month.  Prince William County sales in June were up 82% over 2007, Manassas Park City sales were up by 116%, and Manassas City sales were up a huge 178%.  The Prince William […]

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How The MJM Reports (Their) Bad News

17 June 2008 | Local Economy, Prince William County | 21 Comments

The MJM reports today on the improving residential real estate market in Prince William County, acknowledging that sales are up and foreclosures are down, and even discloses that Prince William County’s market recovery significantly outpaces what is happening elsewhere in Virginia.  If readers were looking for some sort of narrative to help them understand all […]

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But Can The Employees Speak English?

16 June 2008 | Local Economy | 94 Comments

On Route 28 in Yorkshire, there used to be a grocery store called “Il Primero Mercado”.  Now that building is being re-branded as “Shoppers International” in an effort to broaden their market appeal beyond simply the shrinking market segment in the area that can only speak Spanish.  As businesses learn that utter dependence on […]

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Foreclosures Plummet In Prince William County

13 June 2008 | Local Economy | 14 Comments

The DC Examiner reports that mortgage foreclosures declined 15% in Prince William County in May, in what may appear to be a long-awaited improvement in a key component of the residential real estate meltdown that started in 2005.  While the county still retains the number one spot in mortgage foreclosures in the state, this is […]

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Prince William Outperforms Again

12 June 2008 | Local Economy | 36 Comments

The local residential real estate market continued to heat up in May, with the number of sales in Prince William County and Manassas leaping 69% over May of 2007 according to MRIS.  This makes four back-to-back months of increasing sales, and the fourth straight month where Prince William has outperformed all other jurisdictions in Northern […]

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Residential Real Estate Sales Jump 130% in April

16 May 2008 | Local Economy, Prince William County | 42 Comments

The Washington Times’ Friday Home Guide singles out Prince William County once again for experiencing a dramatic rise in residential real estate sales, marking another month of standout performance for the county’s local economy.   Not only did more residential units sell in April of 2008 over April of 2007, but residential sales outperformed April of […]

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Illegal Aliens And The Sub-Prime Mortgage Meltdown

13 May 2008 | Local Economy, Illegal Aliens | 24 Comments

Michelle Malkin takes a peek at the connection between illegal aliens and the sub-prime mortgage meltdown on her site today, stringing together a pretty substantial body of evidence that confirms what many of us in Prince William County have suspected for so long: that the real estate bubble was largely fueled by identity and credit […]

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Prince William Real Estate Market Jumps Again

12 May 2008 | Local Economy | 16 Comments

April’s residential real estate statistics are out for April, and Prince William County area remains the market hotspot in Northern Virginia.  While in Northern Virginia as a whole sales are down almost 11% over April of 2007, in Prince William sales continue to climb.  That seems to be happening particularly in some of the areas […]

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Prince William: The Hottest Real Estate Market In NOVA

3 May 2008 | Local Economy, Illegal Aliens | 75 Comments

Even the Washington Post has noticed: the residential real estate market in Prince William is heating up, and the crackdown on illegal immigration is a contributing factor to this positive development:
The cost is what brought Joe Munsell from Springfield to Bristow. A renter for the past four years, Munsell said he was attracted to the […]

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More Abusive Behavior From Comcast

3 May 2008 | Local Economy | 30 Comments

Michael at “The Write Side Of My Brain” describes yet another example of Comcast’s legendary abuse of their customers in a story today, detailing his own experience with unreliable service, poor customer service, and ultimately blackmail against those who decide to cease their relationship with this corporate atrocity.  It amazes me that Comcast retains any […]

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PotNews: Good News A Cause For Concern

25 April 2008 | Local Economy | 1 Comment

Well after being scooped by the Washington Times and BVBL, the Potomac News is finally reporting on some developments in the residential real estate market that counter their habitual drumbeat of doom-and-gloom economic reports.  Monthly home sales in Prince William County are up over 2007, and Prince William County is the only Northern Virginia jurisdiction […]

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A Real Estate Market Turnaround In Prince William

18 April 2008 | Local Economy | 28 Comments

For the second month in a row, the residential real estate market in Prince William County seem to be bucking the regional trend of a continued decrease in the number of existing home sales according to an article in today’s Washington Times.  In February, Prince William County was the only jurisdiction to not see a […]

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Local Chamber Jumps On The Tax Hike Bandwagon

4 April 2008 | Local Economy, Prince William County | 27 Comments

At the same time the business community is reacting to a fairly significant commercial property tax hike in the county, the Prince William Regional Chamber of Commerce is trying to develop a rationale for advocating new taxes that would affect businesses in the upcoming special session of the General Assembly in Richmond this summer.  The […]

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Let’s Have A Party!

1 April 2008 | Local Economy, Blogs | 17 Comments

The folks over at 9500 Liberty antibvbl have joined together in an effort to support the business community in Prince William County by having a party at El Portal restaurant in Woodbridge this Friday. This is a good idea, and I encourage readers to go. I understand the food […]

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The Illegals Walk Away

23 March 2008 | Local Economy, Illegal Aliens | 55 Comments

While the Washington Post can easily seem to find illegal aliens who got caught up in the residential real estate boom and are under financial pressure from the exotic mortgages they obtained in order to purchases homes they couldn’t afford, they can’t seem to find anyone who can explain why this all happened:
“What can I […]

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Another Local Electric Power Project

18 March 2008 | Local Economy, Prince William County | 20 Comments

The DC Examiner (yet again scooping our local paper) is reporting that LS Power Group has purchased options so it can begin to apply for the necessary permits to build a 873 megawatt natural gas-fueled power plant in Prince William County.  The proposal might eliminate the rationale Dominion Power is using to justify the construction […]

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The Recovery Starts Now

14 March 2008 | Local Economy | 52 Comments

The DC Examiner reports that the number of residential foreclosures has finally stopped rising, and has dropped almost 24% in one month in Prince William County, an improvement that tops the rate of improvement in all other areas of Northern Virginia.  This comes at the same time that enforcement of the Rule Of Law Resolution […]

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Residential Real Estate Market Update

10 December 2007 | Local Economy | 71 Comments

Today the Washington Post documents the continuing fallout in the residential real estate market as foreclosures continue to rise in the region, although it would have been helpful if they could more fully document the trend, rather than give us what is largely just another point-in-time snapshot of what is happening.  We know this is […]

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