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The Hammer Comes Down On BVBL

22 October 2013 | Local Media, Humor & Satire | 15 Comments

This is about the strangest communication I’ve ever gotten from the Commonwealth of Virginia.  Which Democrat did I piss off this time?

Funny, I never thought I was a charity before.

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The Democrat War On Christianity

23 September 2013 | Local Media, Virginia Politics | 14 Comments

Bishop E. W. Jackson gave a sermon this Sunday in Northern Virginia.  Not a political rally, he was delivering a sermon.  The Washington Post then writes an article about the sermon as if this was some sort of political event, sourced by a “Democrat tracker” who apparently was following Jackson around in church, and they […]

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The Washington Post Faces A Steep Learning Curve

17 June 2013 | Local Media, Virginia Politics | 4 Comments

If you’re depending on the Washington Post for factual information about elections in Virginia, you’re looking in the wrong place.  Case in point: this weekend the WashPo ran this article about E. W. Jackson.

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16 January 2013 | Local Media | 2 Comments

This is definitely worth checking out: a mongrel cross between the Drudge Report and E-bay as the re-invention of local news.  The PWC News Network is here.

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Paywalls To Soon Block News Sites In Virginia

7 December 2012 | Local Media, Blogs | 6 Comments

The Washington Post, in an article which rather strangely reports on the Washington Post as if it was a third party, announced that it is “reportedly,” according to unnamed sources, considering putting up a paywall on their online edition.  In addition, the 80 local newspapers sold by Media General to Warren Buffet (less the Manassas News & […]

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PWC Government Sinks To Political Censorship

15 November 2012 | Local Media, Prince William County | 44 Comments

We’ve seen our local government spend upwards of $900,000 ”freshening up” the office spaces for senior county employees during a difficult recession.  We’ve seen local elected officials buying campaign advertisements with taxpayer dollars.  What we hadn’t seen, until now, was local government censoring opposing viewpoints in the local mainstream media.  Really, is there any low Prince William County […]

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The News & Messenger Goes Bust

14 November 2012 | Local Media | 18 Comments

What I had long anticipated has finally happened: The Manassas News & Messenger will cease operations at the end of December.  I will not be mourning the loss, but rather looking forward to what will eventually step into the gap, as there is a strong demand for local news, plenty of advertisers who want to place […]

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Save Us News & Messenger - You’re Our Only Hope!

31 October 2012 | Local Media, National Politics | 4 Comments

It’s been a long time since I’ve been surprised by the idiocy of the Manassas News & Messenger, primarily because I don’t bother to waste time reading the mindless drivel they try to pass off as journalism.  Calling me tonight just as I was getting the kids ready to go out trick-or-treating, I got enough […]

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Set Yourself On Fire And Win

18 December 2010 | Local Media, Humor & Satire | No Comments

Sometimes what you see in the local paper just makes you go ‘huh?’
According to the National Fire Protection Association, candles cause four percent of all reported house fires in the U.S., 10 percent of fire injuries and six percent of fire deaths.
The Folkstone Road blaze caused at least $100,000 to the house.
If I set myself […]

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