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More Human Trafficking Evidence In PWC

13 March 2019 | Illegal Aliens, Crime, Manassas City, Prince William County | No Comments

Well, what do you know? More children, most likely brought across the border as “unaccompanied minors” and hosted at Youth For Tomorrow are offered as whores to a county resident. I’m sure nobody saw that one coming.
This regime of human trafficking is brought to you by the self-avowed Christian ministries of Youth For […]

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Should Mark Wolfe Resign?

1 January 2018 | Manassas City | 7 Comments

Manassas City Councilman Mark Wolfe’s residence is to be sold at auction on January 17th in order to satisfy the creditors listed in his bankruptcy.
Even if he establishes a new residence somewhere in the city and thus retains maintains his legal eligibility to run for office, should someone with such dire personal financial issues be in a […]

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Patricia Richie-Folks: The Underwhelming Candidate

4 November 2017 | Manassas City | 6 Comments

Here is Patricia’s resume, the one she provided to the Manassas City Council in consideration for her first attempt to gain political power.
2011-2015: Secretary for a small magazine that went out of business
2008-2011: Telemarketer
2007-2008: Temp Office Help
1998-2007: Ran the laundry at a hospital
Based on her experience, would you hire Patricia to be the accountant for […]

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Pat, In Her Own Words

3 November 2017 | Manassas City | 3 Comments

We’ve decided to take a bit of a break from the web of deception Patricia (Fill-in-The-Blank) in the years prior to her relocating her flim-flam, here in Manassas. Pat has decided to make her case directly to the voters, as to why they should reelect her, and she remains true to form. In striving for […]

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Pat Who???

31 October 2017 | Manassas City | 3 Comments

We’ve uncovered much regarding Patricia Ritchie-Folks (and all the other aliases she’s used over the years), and have started to dive down into what she’s done in the many places she’s lived, but really we’ve only covered her time in Georgia. Looking at it now, it’s as if Sherman’s March to the Sea got […]

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Just Who Is Patricia Richie-Folks?

26 October 2017 | Manassas City | 4 Comments

What a great question! So many aliases. So many addresses. So much overlap. We are sure that you can understand why it has taken so long to unravel this web, woven by this spider who now holds the city’s check-book in her hands. Undaunted, we entered her parlor of deception not as flies, but as […]

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It’s Hard to “Get to Know Pat”

25 October 2017 | Manassas City | 6 Comments

We all know who Patricia Richie-Folks claims to be. She’s a financial expert with deep connections to the City of Manassas, right?. She’s was a “co-owner” and “payroll manager” of a construction company. The problem is, “Pat” (can we call you Pat?) has presented little in the way of specifics regarding her life, prior to […]

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Caveat Emptor: Get to Know Patricia Richie-Folks

24 October 2017 | Manassas City | 4 Comments

Patricia Richie-Folks was elected City Treasurer during a special election last year, which happened to coincide with the Presidential and Congressional elections. Richie-Folks rode a wave of local anti-Trump sentiment and a woefully inept local press to a 2%-margin win over her opponent, Russ Harrison. It should be noted that this was Richie-Folks third attempt […]

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Manassas Tea Party Denounces Arrival of Violent AntiFa Groups

28 August 2017 | Crime, Manassas City, Prince William County | 1 Comment

The Manassas Tea Party released the following press advisory late Sunday evening: 
Manassas Tea Party Denounces Arrival of Violent AntiFa Groups
Calls on Community to Refrain from Lending Support and Counter-Protesting
The Manassas Tea Party is denouncing a potential influx of AntiFa groups into Prince William County, Manassas City and the Manassas National Battlefield Park over the Labor […]

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No Civil War Weekend, But Death And Destruction Anyways

27 August 2017 | Crime, Manassas City | No Comments

AntiFa is coming to Manassas next weekend on their way to call for an overthrow of the federal government in DC.  Let’s hope this faction of AntiFa isn’t in the lead.

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Suzanne Miller Passes Away

28 June 2017 | Manassas City, 50th HOD District | 2 Comments

We’re saddened tonight by the news that Suzanne Miller, wife of Delegate Jackson Miller, has passed away following a long battle with cancer.  This gracious and brilliant treasure was the mother of two very fine boys and the bedrock that made possible a lot of what Jackson accomplished.
When services are announced this post will be […]

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Mark Wolfe Is Bankrupt

19 October 2016 | Manassas City | 46 Comments

I’d been under the impression that if you’re able to funnel public money to your private business because you’re voting on those specific municipal appropriations, going broke would be a near impossibility.  It’s not as if government is running out of money any time soon, right?  Well, Mark Wolfe has apparently accomplished the impossible after […]

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Mark Wolfe Picks Another Winner With Whatever-Her-Name-Is

11 September 2016 | Manassas City | 26 Comments

Since most of you are already sick of hearing about the competing dumpster fires of the presidential candidates, here’s something a little closer to home, and certainly a lot more interesting to consider.  When you think about the person who will be controlling the checkbook for the City of Manassas for the next four years, […]

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Communist Chosen As Parade Grand Marshal

10 November 2015 | Manassas City | 8 Comments

When you think of the wonderful City of Manassas and all it has to offer, and then think of a person to personify all that, would the name Ed Asner pop into your mind?  Probably not.  Since I expect that many readers might not know why anyone would honor Ed Asner as a demonstration of the greatness […]

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Boehner Out, Tea Party Goes On The Air

25 September 2015 | National Politics, Manassas City, Prince William County | 4 Comments

In honor of Speaker John Boehner announcing he will retire from Congress, it seems to be a good time to remind people about the motivations of some of those who helped encourage Boehner to make this decision.

MTP PSA: “You Are Not Alone” from NOVA Digital Films.
One down, a few left to go.
Verizon and Comcast customers […]

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The Slaughter Of Children In Manassas Will End

15 September 2015 | Manassas City | 11 Comments

After years of quiet protest and silent prayers as tens of thousands of innocent young lives were snuffed out, the abortion center in Manassas known as Amethyst Health Center for Women will close on September 28th.  So many have worked with dogged determination to provide alternatives to women considering abortion, and they deserve our thanks. […]

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Is Mark Wolfe ‘Looking For Fun?’

23 August 2015 | Manassas City | 9 Comments

The Ashley Madison data hack last week turned out some interesting data, and within that data was a reference to Manassas City Councilman Mark Wolfe.  I’m sure I wasn’t the only one curious about what in the heck he was doing on that site, and after a bit of digging I was able to obtain […]

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Ashley Madison Data Breach Outs NOVA Elected Officials

20 August 2015 | Manassas City, Prince William County | 14 Comments

So the Ashley Madison data hits the interwebs and what do we find?  Of course we find a few of our glorious elected officials in Prince William County establishing paid accounts on a website for people trying to cheat on their spouses!  It’s actually quite a relief to find so few of them on the list, but […]

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Jesus Is Dead, Let’s Party!

3 April 2015 | Manassas City | 11 Comments

So tonight, in honor of Jesus Christ being tortured, nailed to a cross, and sacrificing His life in atonement for your sins, you can go out and party in the City of Manassas as part of “Founder’s Day.”  There’s really nothing more fitting to recognize the horror and descent into hell that Jesus experienced on […]

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Volunteer Where It’s Smart

1 November 2014 | Gerry Connolly, Manassas Park, Manassas City, US Congress, Prince William County | 5 Comments

So you’re moderately active in politics and wouldn’t mind lending a few hours to volunteer for a campaign where your contribution might make a difference?  Yes, there are opportunities where your time won’t be wasted.

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