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I Think You’ll Excuse My Light Posting…

24 September 2009 | Patriotism | 15 Comments

Here’s what I’ve been working on lately that has kept me from posting a lot this week:

It has been an incredible honor to work with the folks from Troops Need You to help them carry out their mission to give deployed service members the resources they need in order to accomplish […]

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I Will Not Forget

10 September 2009 | Patriotism | 17 Comments

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Liberalism Is A Mental Disorder

10 September 2009 | Arlington County, Patriotism | 1 Comment

Guest Post by Robert Molleur 
Before I moved to Prince William I lived in the People’s Republic of Arlington. One morning just after terrorist attacks of 9/11 I was watching the Arlington County Board (Board of County Supervisors) meeting on TV. I noticed that unlike the Arlington County School Board, the Arlington County Board did not […]

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Remember the Fallen, Forget the Politics

8 September 2009 | National Politics, Patriotism | 25 Comments

Guest Post by Sanford D. Horn
For my grandparents it was December 7, 1941. For my parents it was November 22, 1963 and July 20, 1969. For us it will always be September 11, 2001.
Dates that define a generation.
Whether it was the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor as the impetus to the United States’ full scale involvement […]

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PWC Gets Another Hero

27 August 2009 | Patriotism, Crime, Prince William County | 8 Comments

Looks like we have another hero in the county.
The car’s engine compartment caught fire, and that’s when the driver told the officer that his baby girl was inside the car.
Oyler rushed to the car to find the child.
“I couldn’t get the driver’s side door opened so I went around to the passenger side door and […]

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We’re Gonna Party!

3 July 2009 | National Politics, Patriotism | 74 Comments

The buzz I’m hearing is that the turnout at the Independence Day Tea Party at the McCoart Center in Prince William County is going to be tremendous.  The importance of that cannot be overstated, since this is not an election year for Congress and the only thing that will get their attention in an off-election […]

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Are You Smarter Than An Elected Official?

19 December 2008 | Patriotism | 28 Comments

Take this quiz and find out.  The score you have to beat is 44%.  Before you scoff at that score, you may want to take the test yourself.

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National Parks Gun Ban Repealed

5 December 2008 | National Politics, Patriotism | 37 Comments

In about thirty days, this new rule goes into effect:
Notwithstanding any other provision in this Chapter, a person may possess, carry, and transport concealed, loaded, and operable firearms within a national park area in accordance with the laws of the state in which the national park area, or that portion thereof, is located, except as […]

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Our Heroes Died For This?

20 November 2008 | National Politics, Patriotism | 45 Comments

This is an interesting look at some Obama voters and their basis for making the decision they made on election day. I see the mainstream media did an excellent job of making sure voters could make an informed decision at the polls, as usual. Don’t take this to mean […]

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Happy Veterans Day

11 November 2008 | Patriotism | 18 Comments

To all my fellow veterans, happy Veterans Day.
To those who might not remember why this day was chosen to honor those who served, on the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month of 1918, the guns finally fell silent in “The Great War” now known as World War One. This day was […]

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I Will Never Forget

10 September 2008 | Patriotism | 80 Comments

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Austin Haynes Spraypark Fundraiser August 1st!

27 July 2008 | Patriotism | 6 Comments

Prince William County Soil & Water Board member Austin Haynes is trying to raise money for a Sprayground at Stonewall Park Pool and could use your help.  While some have worked hard trying to get tax money appropriated to fund this effort, Austin thinks he can raise the money to have this built.  Let’s help […]

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The Declaration Of Independence

4 July 2008 | Patriotism | 18 Comments

Here’s what we’re celebrating today, lest we forget:

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Are You Smarter Than A Citizen?

3 July 2008 | Patriotism | 16 Comments

MSNBC has a little quiz up that purports to be similar to the one given to immigrants seeking U.S. Citizenship, and I took a quick swipe at it.  I got an embarrassingly low 75%, blowing through a bunch of questions without really reading them, and in once case keying on the fact that New York’s […]

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Austin Haynes Steps Up - Now It’s Your Turn

2 July 2008 | Patriotism | 11 Comments

Soil and Water Board member Austin Haynes likes the idea of a spraypark in Manassas, although he doesn’t like the idea of having taxpayers fund it, especially when budgets are tight.  So instead of griping about it, he’s raising money himself to have it built.  Classy.
From my inbox this evening:

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Let’s Thank Our Fighting Men And Women!

10 June 2008 | Patriotism | No Comments

History is about to be made - and you can be a part of it. This June 26th, an unprecedented collection of patriotic leaders will be brought together - united by their shared support for the heroic service of the men and women of the United States military who are fighting on the frontlines […]

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Remembering D-Day

6 June 2008 | Patriotism | 9 Comments

On this day in 1944, members of the 29th Infantry Division, a National Guard unit from Maryland and Virginia, landed on the shore of Omaha Beach in Normandy and began the largest amphibious invasion in history. This was the toughest sector in Operation Overlord, a beach where the most casualties were suffered, requiring a level […]

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Fairfax County: Illegal Aliens Good, U.S. Army Bad

28 May 2008 | Patriotism, Fairfax County | 23 Comments

This is way too good to pass up:
[This] just makes it all the more galling then while [Fairfax County] welcome people who entered the country illegally, they cry poverty when the Army moves in with thousands of jobs in tow. The message seems to be that the children of illegal immigrants are welcome to Fairfax […]

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Happy Memorial Day

25 May 2008 | Patriotism | 18 Comments

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Fallen Heroes Honored

10 May 2008 | Patriotism, Prince William County | 6 Comments

From the Gainesville Times:
Prince William County is holding an Armed Forces Day Ceremony at the War Memorial in Freedom Park on Saturday, May 17, at 1 p.m. Freedom Park is located on the grounds of the McCoart Government Complex in between the complex and the Prince William Parkway. The ceremony is in honor of two […]

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