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Dem 51st Convention Announced

16 May 2007 | PWCDC, 51st HOD District | 7 Comments

The Prince William County Democratic Committee has issued it’s own call for a convention for the 51st District to be held on June 2nd.  Candidates must file by May 22nd, and pay a $1,000 filing fee, which is low by PWCDC standards.  Delegate forms are due by May 29th.  Of note is that the delegate […]

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Drunks For Galligan

30 April 2007 | PWCDC, Virginia Senate | 13 Comments

From the looks of their new website, the Prince William County Democratic Committee seems to be focusing on a couple of School Board races and the Greg Galligan primary campaign in the 39th Senate District. In order to attract volunteers to work on these initiatives, it seems they have to resort to some unusual […]

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Once Upon A Time In DemocratLand…

1 March 2007 | PWCDC | 5 Comments

The Gainesville Times has an amusing letter to the editor from James Walkinshaw, who is the Gainesville chairman of the PWCDC and Jeff Dion’s former campaign manager. Clearly concerned about public perceptions of disarray and confusion within the county democrats, he stretches long and hard to try to reassure his demoralized fellow travellers and […]

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Dems Put Out The Laundry

21 February 2007 | PWCDC | 2 Comments

The Gainesville Times has an explosive article by Dan Roem today which allowed former Chairman Vic Bras and 1st CD Vice-Chair Matt Harrison a chance to air their grievances about the Prince William County Democratic Commitee and the DPVA. It is an utterly fascinating read, and again Dan Roem has done a wonderful job […]

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PWCDC Gets Their Iron Lady

3 February 2007 | PWCDC | 5 Comments

I see from Craig Vitter that the Potomac News has reported on the leadership exodus from the Prince William Democratic Committee, albeit with the article leaving more questions than answers. The article reveals that Earnestine Jenkins, wife of Neabsco Supervisor John Jenkins, has assumed leadership of the PWCDC, a move that effectively super-glues the […]

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The PWCDC Implosion Continues

1 February 2007 | PWCDC | 3 Comments

The exodus from the Prince William County Democratic Committee continues with the resignation of Jim Alcauskas, chair of the Coles magisterial district. At this point I’m not sure if any additional magisterial district chairs or other members of the steering committee will resign, but the loss of the chairman, 1st CD vice-chair and now […]

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Vic Bras Resigns from PWCDC

31 January 2007 | PWCDC | 29 Comments

And the resignations from the PWCDC just keep on rolling in. Now it’s the committee chairman, Vic Bras. Will the last person in the PWCDC to leave, please make sure to turn out the lights. Stay tuned to BVBL for continuing updates on the Prince William County Democratic Committee…

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Matt Harrison Resigns from PWCDC

31 January 2007 | PWCDC | 16 Comments

Matt Harrison, the campaign manager for Democrat Jeanette Rishell who ran for the 50th House District in 2006, has resigned from the Prince William County Democratic Party and as 1st CD Vice Chairman. This is a pretty significant event for the PWCDC, which brings into focus the internal divisions that have torn the PWCDC […]

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Porta To Sit Out?

1 January 2007 | PWCDC, 51st HOD District | Comments Off

I’ve received credible second-hand information that Earnie Porta, Mayor of the Town of Occoquan and most likely Democratic nominee for the 51st HOD is telling people that he does not intend to run for the House of Delegates. This is a surprising development, as there isn’t much in the way of experienced Democratic candidates […]

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Is Jeff Dion Short-Staffed?

18 December 2006 | PWCDC, PWCRC | 2 Comments

The recent Republican convention for Occoquan Supervisor which nominated Mike May had 368 delegates. When the Democrats had their caucus for BOCS Chairman and nominated Sharon Pandak, only 257 Democrats attended from the entire county.
Do the Democrats just have a problem getting folks to participate in their nominating activities, or are there just not […]

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Official: Dems Nominate Jeff Dion in Occoquan

30 November 2006 | PWCDC | 12 Comments

As expected, Vic Bras has managed to yet again orchestrate a nomination by setting a high candidate filing fee for a Democratic Caucus and establishing a very short timeframe, possibly in violation of the Democrat’s party plan, and has gotten Jeffrey Dion to be the only candidate for the Democratic nomination for the Occoquan Supervisor’s […]

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Maybe They Don’t Have a Candidate?

30 November 2006 | PWCDC | 1 Comment

I’ve been watching the website of the Prince William County Democrats today in anticipation of their announcement on candidate filings for the Occoquan Supervisor’s race. Instead of an announcement, they’ve simply taken down the Call for a caucus and removed any reference to running a candidate for the race. I was expecting to […]

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Peering Into The PWCDC Fog

29 November 2006 | PWCDC | 1 Comment

Jim Riley has gotten wind of the whispers regarding who may be the Democratic nominee for the upcoming Occoquan Supervisor race, and identifies political neophyte Jeff Dion as a declared candidate. I’ve heard the same thing. The filing deadline for the Democrats is at 6PM on Wednesday the 29th, after which an announcement […]

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Vic Bras To Pull A Chapman?

23 November 2006 | PWCDC | 5 Comments

I’ve heard from several within the leadership of the PWCRC that Vic Bras, Chairman of the Prince William County Democratic Party has been threatening to file a lawsuit against the PWC Republican Party and Corey Stewart in regard to the mailing sent out on behalf of Corey Stewart which detailed the contributions of developer interests […]

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PWC Dems Announce Occoquan District Caucus

22 November 2006 | PWCDC | 2 Comments

The PWC Democrats have set December 2nd as the date for their caucus to select a nominee for County Supervisor of the Occoquan District, in anticipation of a Special Election that they expect to occurr in January. The filing deadline for candidates is November 29th, and there is a $2,000 filing fee requirement. […]

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