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Tornado Watch Until 10PM

30 September 2010 | PWCRC, Humor & Satire | 3 Comments

National Weather Service:

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PWCRC Convention Highlights

4 April 2010 | PWCRC | 7 Comments

For those of you that missed last weekend’s PWCRC Convention, here’s a highlights video for you. Enjoy.

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Ken Cuccinelli Keynote Address

23 February 2010 | PWCRC, Virginia Politics | 5 Comments

Here’s the video of Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli at the PWCRC Lincoln-Reagan Dinner last week. Seeing how clearly and convincingly he makes his arguments, it’s not hard to understand why liberals get so incredibly upset with him. Ken is a real threat to the liberal agenda, making him one […]

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Wow, What A Show!

20 February 2010 | PWCRC | 7 Comments

Last night’s PWCRC Lincoln-Reagan dinner at Heritage Hunt went way beyond expectations for a local committee’s fundraising dinner.  Sure, you had the usual speeches — and they were very good, especially Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli’s keynote address, but it was the extras this year that put this event way over the top.  The committee brought […]

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2009 Patriot Dinner

30 September 2009 | PWCRC, Virginia Politics | 4 Comments

For those of you who missed the 2009 Patriot Dinner hosted by the Prince William County Republican Committee a while back, you missed a great event. Here’s an overview of what happened that night, and as you can see not only was the place packed, but the program was absolutely tremendous. […]

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Campaign Kickoff In Prince William County

5 June 2009 | PWCRC | No Comments

There was a big turnout at last night’s rain-soaked opening of the headquarters of the Prince William County Republicans last night where Attorney General nominee Ken Cuccinelli and local elected officials helped kick off the general election campaign.  This was a great gear-up to this Saturday’s surge when volunteers will knock doors in precincts all […]

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Tom Davis Gets A Bizarre Endorsement

13 April 2008 | PWCRC, Humor & Satire | 29 Comments

Among the candidate endorsements at this weekend was perhaps the strangest candidate endorsement ever given. Congressman Tom Davis is apparently interested in being a delegate to the Republican National Convention, which comes as little surprise. Congressman Tom Davis wasn’t at the PWCRC Convention, which is also unremarkable, given that the FCRC Convention was […]

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PWCRC Convention Surprises

12 April 2008 | PWCRC, Prince William County | 29 Comments

A few hundred Prince William County Republicans gathered today at Woodbridge High School for a convention which ended up being a lot more interesting than I think most delegates expected. Since the PWCRC Chairmanship wasn’t contested, few expected this to be anything other than a pretty mundane coronation of Lyle Beefelt, but there are […]

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PWCRC Chairman Race Looks Uncontested

1 March 2008 | PWCRC | 29 Comments

The filing deadline for candidates for Chairman of the Prince William County Republican Committee expired at 7:00 PM Saturday, and unofficially, it looks like Lyle Beefeldt is the only candidate. Not only does the PWCRC get an competent and trustworthy chairman, but it appears so far that there will be no internal fight to […]

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PWCRC Election Kickoff

30 December 2007 | PWCRC | 73 Comments

In April the Prince William County Republican Committee will select new leadership, capping off several months of behind-the-scenes jockeying for position that began about a year ago when the Tom Kopko faction of the committee began it’s quest to install Faisal Gill in the House of Delegates.  After a pretty strong start as Chairman, Kopko […]

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Want To Help On Election Day?

1 November 2007 | PWCRC | 21 Comments

Got a few free hours on election day?  There are a number of open opportunities for volunteer poll workers to hand out sample ballots and campaign materials at the polls.  It’s a fun time, and it definitely makes a difference.  Last year I coordinated and helped out at Stonewall, Sinclair and Westgate precincts, and despite […]

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11th District Appeal Denied

28 September 2007 | PWCRC | 79 Comments

The Republican 11th District Committee met last night to consider Julie Lucas’ appeal of Tom Kopko’s decision, and the appeal was denied not on the basis of any arguments made for or against the appeal, but because Julie hadn’t obtained an additional twenty-five signatures to support it — a requirement not found anywhere in the […]

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Kopko Blasts Republican Nominee Marty Nohe

8 August 2007 | PWCRC, Prince William County | 26 Comments

I’ve always had the impression that the purpose of the Prince William County Republican Committee was to elect Republican candidates to office. If that’s the case, why is Chairman Tom attacking a republican candidate on the committee’s website? Even though Marty Nohe doesn’t have an opponent in the November 2007 election, it would […]

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Unity Is An Earned Commodity

26 June 2007 | 51st HOD District, PWCRC | 45 Comments

Tonight’s PWCRC meeting included a plenty of calls for Republican unity in order to help our candidates win in November, and those calls make a lot of sense.  The purpose of the committee is to get Republicans elected, and unity is an important part of accomplishing that goal.  With a fractured party, this goal is […]

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More PWCRC Fireworks

21 June 2007 | PWCRC | 27 Comments

The Second Annual PWCRC Spring Gala scheduled for June 29th has been “postponed”, due to lower than expected ticket sales and a conflict with a campaign event for Delegate Scott Lingamfelter with House Speaker William Howell.  In the aftermath of this “postponement”, there’s been a purge of the committee’s membership chairman and calls for […]

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13 June 2007 | 51st HOD District, PWCRC | 25 Comments

The war within the PWCRC has apparently expanded into a fight between PWCRC Chairman Tom Kopko and 11th Congressional District Chairman Becky Stoeckel according to a post that appeared yesterday on Skeptical Observer. Kopko’s tirade against Stoeckel, prompted by what is reported to be a call for a meeting to consider Julie Lucas’ appeal […]

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RPV: Nosotros Creemos…

11 June 2007 | PWCRC, Virginia Politics | 16 Comments

I’m sure this is going to just make Spanish-speaking voters flood to support the Republican Party of Virginia: The RPV website has posted a Spanish version of the Republican creed. There’s no other Spanish content on the website as far as I can tell, so it’s not clear to me just how those […]

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An Apology

18 May 2007 | PWCRC, Blogs | 30 Comments

Earlier today I renewed a call for Tom Kopko to resign as chairman of the Prince William County Republican Committee based on unsubstantiated rumors of potential voter fraud and a misreading of the Republican Party Plan as it applied to the reissued call for the 51st District Convention. I was wrong to make those […]

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Possible Voter Fraud In The 51st District

18 May 2007 | 51st HOD District, PWCRC | 39 Comments

Critical Update: The language in the 51st District call in question here was indeed taken from the RPV Party Plan. See update at the bottom of this post.  See also “An Apology“.

The Prince William County Republican Committee reissued it’s convention calls on April 24th for the 51st District and for Clerk of the Court […]

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Tom Kopko Not Stepping Down

11 May 2007 | 51st HOD District, PWCRC | 48 Comments

Following last week’s PWCRC Executive Committee meeting, it had been reported to me that Tom Kopko had agreed to turn over his proxy for the 51st Legislative District in order to address concerns about him being a paid consultant to the Faisal Gill campaign. So far this hasn’t been done, which has been troubling. […]

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