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Trump For President?

28 February 2016 | RPV, National Politics, Virginia Politics | 10 Comments

This week Virginia Republicans vote for their nominee for President of the United States.  That contest has effectively narrowed to a choice between Donald Trump, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz, and the choice the Commonwealth makes couldn’t be any more important to the future of our country.

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The Wave Election of 2015

30 October 2015 | Virginia Politics | 2 Comments

Are you ready for a wave election of historic proportions?  Tuesday is going to be an opportunity to not only thwart some of the liberal agenda that’s been crammed down our throats over the past year, but to remarkably reshape the balance of power at the state and local levels for the next several years. […]

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Winchester Law Enforcement Politician Breaks The Law

28 October 2015 | Virginia Politics, Crime | No Comments

There’s a pretty wild turn lately in the Winchester Commonwealth’s Attorney’s race, a locality that I don’t often pay much attention to but these outlying localities in Virginia has been where a huge amount of drama has been happening lately. Conservative stalwart, Constitutional champion, and US Supreme Court litigator attorney Bill Olson is calling […]

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Martha Boneta Doc Released On YouTube

4 October 2015 | Local Economy, Virginia Politics | 2 Comments

When I heard that Martha Boneta’s story had been made into a documentary film, I was intrigued, and when that film won an audience award at the Anthem Film Festival, I got pretty excited about seeing it.  The only difficulty was waiting for a showing that was relatively convenient to travel to and for most […]

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The Virginia Faithful Shout “Take Me To The Coliseum!”

24 September 2015 | National Politics, Virginia Politics | 6 Comments

[Movie Trailer] Take Me To The Coliseum from NOVA Digital Films on Vimeo.
One of the projects I’ve been working on lately with the Virginia First Foundation and the Virginia Christian Alliance is a documentary where Pastors talk about the implications of the Supreme Court’s recent decision on marriage and how the Christian community should respond. It’s not a hypothetical that […]

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Why The Media Tried (And Failed) To Protect Senator Don McEachin

25 August 2015 | DPVA, Virginia Senate | 6 Comments

So the Times-Dispatch has finally decided to run the story on Tommy Norment trolling for mistresses on Ashley Madison now that the protective cover that they were giving to Senator Donald McEachin couldn’t be maintained any longer.  It was amazing how the “mainstream” press and the liberal blogs were ignoring that serial womanizer Norment showed up in […]

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Ernest Powell: Did Ashley Madison Lead To Federal Campaign Finance Violations?

25 August 2015 | DPVA, Virginia Politics, Crime, Virginia Senate | 2 Comments

Ernest W. Powell is a Democrat running for the Virginia Senate in the 11th District.  I found his name in the Ashley Madison database dump as I was looking up candidates and elected officials in the Richmond area today, and what surprised me more was the email address listed on the transaction record for his […]

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State Reps Caught In Ashley Madison Hack Scandal

23 August 2015 | Virginia Politics | 1 Comment

Coming soon…
Delegate David Yancey of Newport News, 94th House District

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A Modest Proposal

23 July 2015 | Virginia Politics | No Comments

If Governor McAuliffe really believes that Virginia National Guard Soldiers should maintain a force protection policy that prohibits their access to firearms for their own defense, that same force protection policy should apply to McAuliffe’s own security detail.  If defensive firearms are that dangerous, and that unnecessary to protect our armed forces, they’re as equally […]

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Sneak Peek: Documentary Film About Corruption In Culpeper

14 July 2015 | Virginia Politics, Crime | 3 Comments

“A Kingdom or a County” Sneak Peek from NOVA Digital Films.
From the website:
“A Kingdom or a County” is a full-length documentary feature film under production by NOVA Digital, chronicling government and political corruption in one of Virginia’s most picturesque and historic localities. Told by current and former elected officials, as well as local citizens, […]

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Gilmore Announces A Potential Presidential Run

5 July 2015 | National Politics, Virginia Politics | 2 Comments

Former Virginia Governor Jim Gilmore announced this weekend in front of several hundred conservatives that he is considering a run for the Republican nomination for President. While Gilmore didn’t have any campaign staff in tow at the Leadership Institute’s “Conservative Soiree” in Centreville, he was happy to tell a number of conservative leaders gathered […]

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Martha Boneta at the 2015 Conservative Soiree

5 July 2015 | National Politics, Virginia Politics | 3 Comments

If more Republican candidates would engage their audiences with anything approaching this level of hope and optimism, our government would look a lot different than it does now.

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28th House: Vote For Kirk Cox

6 June 2015 | RPV, Virginia House | 2 Comments

Tuesday is primary elections day in Virginia, and no other race in the Commonwealth has nearly the significance of the 28th House District, where embattled House Speaker Bill Howell is desperately trying to hold onto his seat.  That election, which is nominally between Howell and Susan Stimpson, will determine who the next Speaker of the […]

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We Won’t Be Fooled Again?

26 February 2015 | Virginia Politics, Virginia House, Virginia Senate | 5 Comments

When Republican elected officials try to tell you they’re all about conservative fiscal governance, make sure you remind them of what happened in Richmond today.
Today the conference report was released on the amendments to the biennial budget, and lo and behold, the conference report between the Republican controlled Senate of Virginia and the Republican House of Delegates […]

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Virginia’s Unconstitutional Budget

24 February 2015 | Virginia Politics, Crime | No Comments

The General Assembly has a long history of funneling money to non-state entities in direct violation of Section Article IV Section 16 of the Virginia Constitution.  For years members of the General Assembly brazenly proposed bills to unlawfully appropriate taxpayer money until an opinion of the Attorney General in 20111 pointed out this was legally indefensible.  Of […]

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The Way Ahead

21 February 2015 | RPV | 2 Comments

The story of what happened at RPV that lead to their current financial situation and the firing of Executive Director Sean Kenney is a particularly difficult one.  As I’ve dug into RPV’s financial disclosures and sought out narratives that might explain how events unfolded, I’ve been confronted with conflicting accounts and stories that don’t seem […]

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More Bad News From RPV

15 February 2015 | RPV | 8 Comments

UPDATES: WashPo says RPV Executive Director Sean Kenney is out.  RPV’s federal account has $252 cash on-hand and $217,499 in debts.  In January, the gap widened by another $11,086, worsening the situation just as RPV sent out mailers for Bill Howell’s primary campaign.  The state account shows $47,147 on-hand at year’s end, not enough to cover the […]

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Thus Always To Punitive Taxation?

10 February 2015 | Virginia Politics, Virginia House, 50th HOD District | 2 Comments

So how many House Republicans in Virginia want to help leftist New York City Mayor Bill Deblasio collect punitive taxes on New Yorkers?  As it turns out, there’s a lot.
We’re going to make it a felony offense for someone to purchase a legal product in Virginia with the intent of transporting it to somewhere else, where […]

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Standing In Awe

4 February 2015 | Loudoun County, Virginia Politics, Prince William County | 3 Comments

Just imagine how different this country would be if elected officials had the courage to stand by their principles in the same way that Senator Dick Black does.  I’ve seen a lot of quotes in the mainstream media, but never anything like this:
…Farris said he is so frustrated with Black’s opposition to the measure that he […]

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Convention of States Is A Waste Of Effort

31 January 2015 | National Politics, Virginia Politics | 7 Comments

Proposed legislation calling for a “Convention of the States” to propose amendments to the U.S. Constitution has been the subject of a lot of discussion lately, and rightly so.  Having never actually been convened before in the 226-year history of our Republic and with no legal mechanisms in place to govern what it would look […]

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