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DPVA Goes For Illegals, Citizens Can Go To Hell

4 February 2008 | DPVA, Illegal Aliens | 52 Comments

Virginia, you need to pay attention to this:
Democratic leaders have said they will block that bill and what they consider to be other harsh bills aimed at illegal immigrants. Already, the Democrat-controlled Senate has killed a number of bills that would allow employers to fire workers if they speak a language other than English at […]

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RK Goes A Whinin’

7 December 2007 | DPVA, Blogs | 2 Comments

Head on over to RK to see one of the whiniest rants ever mailed to an elected official, begging Senator-elect Donald McEachin of Richmond for help in kicking George Burke out as the Chairman of the 11th District Committee.  It’s a whole lot like kids begging the principal to have their schoolmate spanked because the […]

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