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RPV Convention 2014: Shak Hill For Senate

4 June 2014 | RPV, US Senate | 8 Comments

On Friday and Saturday, a few of my fellow conservatives will be travelling down to Roanoke for the Republican State Convention to select a nominee to challenge Mark Warner’s Senate seat.  In a year where there’s a pretty pitched battle between establishment moderates and the conservative grassroots, this might be a far more interesting convention […]

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287(g) and “Secure Communities”

22 October 2012 | Illegal Aliens, Manassas City, US Senate, Prince William County | 8 Comments

The Obama administration’s announcement that it would unilaterally terminate the Section 287(g) program at the end of this year has plenty of people wondering what impacts this may have, and what can be done to buttress the rule of law that this administration seems so fundamentally disinterested in supporting.  The press has done little more […]

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The Final Debate

25 May 2012 | RPV, US Senate | 2 Comments

Tonight was the final debate between candidates for the Republican nomination for US Senate.  About 450 people were in the crowd, and plenty of others watched online as these candidates made their final case for your vote on June 12th.  This was probably the most interesting of the debates in my view, as it focused […]

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A US Senate Candidate Primer

24 May 2012 | Virginia Politics, US Senate | 7 Comments

On June 12th Virginia Republicans again return to the polls, this time to select a nominee for the US Senate election coming up in November. Not everyone who ends up on this site might have been following this contest as closely as I have, so for those readers here’s a quick primer on the candidates.

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Bob Marshall Is In

28 March 2012 | US Senate, Prince William County | 12 Comments

With 17,000 signatures, far more than the total a number of presidential candidates were able to obtain, Bob Marshall is over the finish line on his way to qualifying for the Senate primary in June.  Since RPV doesn’t bother to validate signatures if candidates submit over 15,000 I expect there’s nothing left standing in the […]

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Bob Marshall Hits Back

20 February 2012 | 13th HOD District, US Senate, Prince William County | 38 Comments

Delegate Bob Marshall responds here to some of the hyperbole coming out of Democrats and their mainstream media acolytes regarding HB1. Nice mix of humor and facts here. Not that I expect the left to ever acknowledge the truth here, but it would be nice to see them make a policy argument other […]

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Bob Marshall Makes It Official

16 January 2012 | Virginia Politics, US Senate | 11 Comments

With Virginia’s Republican establishment blog Bearing Drift heaping scorn on Marshall on the same day Marshall officially announces his candidacy, I have little doubt George Allen is very concerned about his political future. To me, that’s good. A primary that does little more than anointing a candidate on the basis that they’re owed […]

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WashPo: Bob Marshall Is IN!

12 January 2012 | Virginia Politics, US Senate | 3 Comments

So sayeth the mainstream media.  If Bob Marshall indeed announces his candidacy for US Senate, he will have my full support.  No one has for so long, and with such consistent determination, fought for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness as Bob Marshall.

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BVBL Candidate Moment: E. W. Jackson

10 November 2011 | Virginia Politics, US Senate | 7 Comments

I ran into E. W. Jackson during the Prince William GOTV Rally last week and took this opportunity to do a short interview with him. A lot of people in Northern Virginia haven’t heard of Bishop Jackson, and he’s one of the Republican candidates worth checking out as the US Senate nomination race starts […]

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I Am Disgusted By George Allen Today

26 August 2011 | Virginia Politics, US Senate | 19 Comments

Normally a US Senate race happening more than a year from now wouldn’t get a whole lot of attention from me.  We have more immediate concerns in Virginia, and it doesn’t please me a whole lot that with a battle that would decide the balance of power in the Senate of Virginia we’ve got Senate […]

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Mark Warner Is Out?

1 August 2011 | US Senate | 20 Comments

Heard today that there’s some buzz that Senator Mark Warner will not run for re-election in 2014.  That would be an interesting development.

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EW Jackson at the LCRC

24 July 2011 | Loudoun County, US Senate | 6 Comments

Quite a few folks have been clamoring to see if I had any video of E. W. Jackson’s speech at the LCRC Convention. Here’s what I have. I hadn’t planned on bothering with candidates running in 2012 races as they’re already sucking way too much oxygen out of the 2011 elections, but when […]

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Just Call Me Macacca, Already

3 June 2011 | Virginia Politics, US Senate | 9 Comments

The race for U. S. Senate in Virginia has hardly begun, and for the second time I’m getting called names by George Allen supporters.  First, one supporter says that anyone who doesn’t toe the George Allen line is a troll.  Now they’re calling me a bigot on the same day Allen bent over backwards on […]

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The Unfair and Unbalanced Media

10 April 2011 | Virginia Politics, US Senate, US Congress | 18 Comments

Guest Post by Sanford D. Horn
While Congressman Jim Moran’s assault on the military and its veterans went viral Friday, April 8, one day following a town hall meeting held in Alexandria at Hammond Middle School, nary a word appeared in The Washington Post.
Moran treated Wayne Tunick, a disabled 27-year veteran rudely following an important question […]

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Tim Kaine Jumps In

5 April 2011 | Virginia Politics, US Senate | 20 Comments

I think what this means is that Governor Timmy! is going to run for Senate.

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George Allen Camp Calls Me A Bad Name

22 March 2011 | Virginia Politics, US Senate | 10 Comments

Here’s one that struck me as rather odd today:  One of George Allen’s supporters wasn’t quite happy that in an online poll on BearingDrift.com Allen wasn’t getting the stratospheric levels of support that he thought George was due.  While that’s in no way unusual, what is unusual is the message he sent out over facebook […]

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Nightmare Amnesty Dies In U.S. Senate

18 December 2010 | Illegal Aliens, US Senate | 11 Comments

The “DREAM Act” nightmare amnesty was killed in the U. S. Senate on a 55-41 vote this morning with Senators Webb and Warner voting the wrong way, yet again.  After ten years of resisting and defeating every amnesty pushed by both the Bush and Obama administrations the American people are poised with the new congress […]

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Rise Of The Anti-George Allen Brigade?

5 December 2010 | Virginia Politics, US Senate | 17 Comments

I don’t know if these rumors are true or not.  If they are, anyone engaging in this kind of dirty campaigning needs to have every political ambition of theirs shot down and burned to a crisp.  Trying to take out potential primary competitors by funding challengers on their own turf is disgusting.

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Another November Is Coming

21 September 2010 | Virginia Politics, US Senate | 29 Comments

It’s well worth noting that Senators Webb and Warner voted today to attach provisions to the Defense Authorization Bill to force military hospitals to perform abortions, permit open homosexuality in the Armed Forces, and give illegal alien “children” up to 35 years of age in-state tuition rates and amnesty so they can sponsor their parents […]

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It’s Official: Senator Warner Is On Crack

9 August 2010 | Illegal Aliens, US Senate | 48 Comments

“This is why we desperately need bipartisan immigration reform,” Warner said. “At the end of the day, we’ve got to have a system where the employer can verify the legal status before they hire someone … and right now, we don’t have anything like that.” Senator Mark Warner, quoted in the News & Messenger on […]

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