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13th District Outlook

27 October 2009 | 13th HOD District | 6 Comments

Every election cycle Democrats search far and wide for the most “progressive” candidates to take on Delegate Bob Marshall.  This year they tapped John Bell to be their sacrificial lamb, whose real purpose is to keep Democrat homosexual activists happy that Democrats are challenging the author of the Marriage Amendment.  Not challenging Marshall would seriously […]

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John Bell Trolls For Cash In Gay Bar

20 October 2009 | 13th HOD District | 33 Comments

Tonight Democrat John Bell, who is seeking to defeat Delegate Bob Marshall in the 13th District, is out at “Freddie’s Beach Bar and Restaurant” all the way down in Arlington with the Virginia Partisans Gay and Lesbian Club trying to raise campaign cash.  Not only is this several districts away from where Bell is mounting […]

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John Bell: Economics For Idiots

2 October 2009 | 13th HOD District | 3 Comments

The true beliefs of John Bell, running in the 13th District against Bob Marshall, leak out in a News & Messenger article published yesterday where Bell apparently thinks he can deliver a free lunch to Virginians, and no one is going to have to pay for them.  Once again, a democrat starts talking about increasing taxes while Virginia families are dealing […]

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Open Thread

22 September 2009 | 13th HOD District, 50th HOD District | 49 Comments

Working on a bunch of projects right now that don’t afford me much opportunity to talk about how Jeanette Rishell looked like a complete goof at the Prince William Committee of 100 debate tonight, and about how John Bell got taken to school by Bob Marshall.  I saw some readers in the audience, and this […]

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PWC Area House of Delegates Finance Reports

15 September 2009 | 52nd HOD District, 13th HOD District, 51st HOD District, Prince William County, 50th HOD District | 5 Comments

Campaign finance reports are now available, and in Prince William County races there are only a few surprises.  Most of these are falling in pretty much where I expected, but there are a few surprises here.

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John Bell, More Loony Left Than Roemmelt

17 August 2009 | 13th HOD District, Virginia House | 12 Comments

While Northern Virginia Democrats are generally on the defensive in many Districts where they usually feel rather comfortable, that still hasn’t stopped the fringe homosexual lobby from once again focusing on Delegate Bob Marshall.  In what seems like a perfect reprise of Marshall’s 2007 demolition of the Bruce Roemmelt campaign, the Virginia Partisans Gay & […]

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Bob Marshall Wins Another One

25 June 2009 | 13th HOD District, Virginia Politics | 6 Comments

The 4th Circuit affirmed the constitutionality of Virginia’s ban on partial-birth abortion yesterday, ruling in Richmond Medical Center v. Herring that a three judge panel of the same court had erred in declaring the law passed in 2003 was unconstitutional.  This should end the effort by some in the “pro choice” crowd to protect the […]

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Bob Marshall’s Opening Salvo

3 December 2008 | 13th HOD District, Virginia Politics | 8 Comments

Via the Virginia Citizen’s Defense League, here’s some interesting insight by Delegate Bob Marshall on how Speaker Bill Howell consigns pro-Second Amendment bills to the House of Delegate’s “Death Star” subcomittee in order to get them killed.  Is this the opening salvo of another effort to replace the Speaker?  With Marshall’s strong run for the […]

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HB 3202 Court Opinion

1 March 2008 | 13th HOD District, Virginia Politics | 3 Comments

I have the Virginia Supreme Court’s opinion on the HB 3202 decision here.  Revel in the joy of watching Bob Marshall humble those who have been casually dismissing him, as so often seems to happen, in reading this scathing rebuke of this scheme to establish unconstitutional taxation authorities in Virginia.

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Bob Marshall Wins HB 3202 Lawsuit - UPDATED

29 February 2008 | 13th HOD District, Virginia Politics | 28 Comments

I’m hearing that the Virginia Supreme Court has sided with the arguments of Delegate Bob Marshall and determined that granting the Northern Virginia Regional Transportation authority taxation powers is unconstitutional. The power of this authority was granted by the General Assembly during last year’s session with HB 3202. Details aren’t out yet, but […]

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Potential NVTA Lawsuit Shockwaves

31 December 2007 | 13th HOD District, Virginia Politics, US Senate | 15 Comments

Northern Virginia will collect an estimated $335 million additional tax revenue annually beginning tomorrow under the provisions of last year’s transportation compromise.  The new taxes affect car rentals, hotel stays, car repairs, and real estate transfers and impose new fees on vehicle licensing and registrations.  Should everything work according to plan, this money will supposedly […]

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Bob Marshall Passed By On P&E Committee

19 December 2007 | 13th HOD District, Virginia House | 11 Comments

Speaker Howell, in a payback move to Delegate Bob Marshall’s effort to have a different speaker selected, has chosen Delegate Mark Cole of Stafford to chair the House Privileges and Elections Committee despite Marshall being the most senior member on the committee. Although it’s gotten a few bloggers all atwitter, I can’t imagine these […]

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Bob Marshall Proposes Election Reforms

8 December 2007 | 13th HOD District, Illegal Aliens, Crime | 36 Comments

Delegate Bob Marshall has pre-filed two bills in the House of Delegates that would help to ensure the integrity of our elections by discouraging those who may not be eligible to vote from participating in an election. The first, HB 64, would require that notices be posted informing voters of the qualifications for voting […]

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Bob Marshall Proposes Overcrowding Initiative

6 December 2007 | 13th HOD District, Virginia Politics | 45 Comments

The Gainesville Times makes mention of Delegate Bob Marshall’s initiative to help combat residential overcrowding in this week’s edition.  Since zoning inspectors do not have police powers, they can be refused entry to a residence and prevented from obtaining the evidence they need in order to issue a citation for overcrowding. The result is that […]

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Frederick And Marshall Announce Bills

29 November 2007 | 52nd HOD District, 13th HOD District | 23 Comments

The DC Examiner reports that Delegates Bob Marshall and Jeff Frederick are proposing legislation in this session of the General Assembly to combat some of the effects of illegal aliens unlawfully residing in Virginia, with proposals to raise the fine for residential overcrowding and to withhold state funds from localities who fail to deny taxpayer-funded […]

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Gay groups say defeating Marshall key to “progress”

2 November 2007 | 13th HOD District | 13 Comments

The Washington Blade has decided that the 13th House District is something that the Washington, DC gay community needs to pay attention to, and has published an article in today’s edition entitled “Co-author of Va. marriage amendment faces re-election” that makes it very clear that if you’re part of the homosexual lobby, Bruce Roemmelt is […]

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HSL PAC Endorsements

21 October 2007 | 52nd HOD District, 13th HOD District, 50th HOD District | 7 Comments

The Help Save Loudoun PAC, which supports candidates that are strong on the illegal alien issue, has announced it’s endorsements.  They’ve picked some excellent candidates in Prince William County including Delegates Bob Marshall, Jackson Miller and Jeff Frederick.  I couldn’t agree more.  These are all top-tier Delegates.

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Next Generation Shenanigans

5 October 2007 | 13th HOD District, Virginia Politics | 15 Comments

It’s not unusual for political organizations to have their leadership change fairly frequently, but the recent change at the Next Generation Democrats PAC is pretty unusual. It’s not that often that a Communucations Director ends up in a military prison, and has to be replaced.
Dave Montoya (whose bio is now missing from the NGD […]

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BRUU To Host Mexicanos Sin Fronteras

25 August 2007 | 13th HOD District, Jeanette Rishell | 28 Comments

Mexicanos Sin Fronteras, the local arm of the Zapatista Army of National Liberation which is heading up efforts to boycott businesses in Prince William County and conduct protests, is now announcing that they will hold a “support and solidarity organizing meeting” at the Bull Run Universalist Unitarian Church in Manassas on August 9th at 7PM. […]

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Marshall Sues Virginia

6 August 2007 | 13th HOD District, Virginia Politics | 10 Comments

Delegate Bob Marshall doesn’t pull his punches, as this evening’s press release demonstrates. He’s filed suit to have HB 3202 declared unconstitutional.

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