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O’Brien/Barker and Lingamfelter/Day Debate

14 September 2007 | 39th VA Senate, 31st HOD District | 14 Comments

Tonight the Prince William County Committee of 100 held a debate between Senator Jay O’Brien and George Barker, and Delegate Scott Lingamfelter and William Day.  As far as debates go, this was somewhat sub-par, with some goofy questions and not a whole lot of focus on the issues that are really at the top of […]

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Fred Thompson Gets An Endorsement

7 September 2007 | National Politics, 31st HOD District | 19 Comments

Scott Lingamfelter has announced today that he is endorsing Fred Thompson for President of the United States. In his press release, Lingamfelter cites Thompson’s commitment to smaller government, low taxes and a strong national defense, as well as his stand on controlling illegal immigration.

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Lingamfelter Gets A New Fundraiser

6 September 2007 | 31st HOD District, Humor & Satire | 25 Comments

Delegate Scott Lingamfelter apparently has discovered a new fundraiser for his campaign, that has already started to get the campaign contributions rolling in.
Not too long ago, his opponent William Day spent two hours on the phone with one of Delegate Lingamfelter’s constituents.  Immediately after the conversation, this constituent called Scott Lingamfelter’s office and asked where […]

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William Day: Hypnosis For Everyone!

25 August 2007 | 31st HOD District | 8 Comments

Of course William Day thinks that taxpayer-funded mental health services are an effective means to reduce domestic violence — he provides that treatment.  Instead of agreeing that victims of domestic violence would benefit from ensuring that those who abuse them won’t easily get out on bail if they’ve had prior convictions, which is what Delegate […]

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Lingamfelter Announces Domestic Violence Initiative

23 August 2007 | 31st HOD District, Crime | 13 Comments

Delegate Scott Lingamfelter has announced a domestic violence initiative that looks pretty solid, which will ensure that repeat offenders will be guaranteed some jail time and will not be able to obtain bail on their second and subsequent arrests. Perhaps his opponent William Day will join with Lingamfelter in this initiative?
I’d hope so, but […]

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William Day, The “No Humor Man”

11 July 2007 | 31st HOD District | 7 Comments

Apparently the Democrat trying so miserably to unseat Delegate Scott Lingamfelter in the 31st District has a thin skin. A few months ago a friend of mine pointed out that William Day had failed to protect some domain names or even set up a campaign website, so I decided to have some fun with […]

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William Day’s Big Oil Connection

3 July 2007 | 31st HOD District | 7 Comments

Sometimes when you wander through the information provided by the Virginia Public Access Project, you run across something that really makes you scratch your head.  Candidate’s filings of their economic interests are showing up on VPAP, and the one for William Day, who is challenging Delegate Scott Lingamfelter to little avail, is reading like something […]

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19 June 2007 | 31st HOD District, Humor & Satire | 1 Comment

Here’s a site that should drive folks like William Day up the wall.  It’s a neat idea, to offer carbon debits and helpfully provide notification to Al Gore about each and every debit purchase.  I’m sure the “My Carbon Footprint Is Bigger Than Yours” T-Shirt is awfully popular.
H/T: RHJunior

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A Primary Funny

12 June 2007 | 31st HOD District, Humor & Satire | 3 Comments

A funny thing happened on the way to the Republican primary election in Fauquier County this past Tuesday. Bill Day, the Democrat candidate running against Republican Scott Lingamfelter was seen going into the polling station at Baldwin Ridge in Fauquier County. Unknown to “Moon Bat Bill”, a Lingamfelter volunteer working at the poll for Jill […]

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Not Day’s Day

22 May 2007 | 31st HOD District | Comments Off

William Day, who is running against Delegate Scott Lingamfelter, has as many candidates do a page on the Virginia Public Access Project that provides an overview of his campaign and links to his financial disclosures. It also helpfully provides a link to his campaign website. But wait, is that really his campaign website? […]

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The Amnesty Sell Out

18 May 2007 | 31st HOD District, Illegal Aliens | 19 Comments

Delegate Scott Lingamfelter weighs in on the immigration bill being considered in the United States Senate in his most recent issue of the Lingamfelter Report which is entitled “The Amnesty Sell Out”.  As usual, he’s right on target.  Here is an excerpt, which should encourage constituents in the 31st District to sign up for this […]

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Day’s Website Discovered

3 May 2007 | 31st HOD District | 9 Comments

William Day, who is the Democrat challenging Scott Lingamfelter in the 31st District, has been somewhat of an enigma as he hasn’t had a web presence or published his policy positions. About the only information we know about him has come from an interview in the Fauquier Times-Democrat, and today’s Manassas Journal-Messenger article. […]

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Another Moonbat For Delegate

3 May 2007 | 31st HOD District | 1 Comment

The Manassas Journal-Messenger has been doing articles on different House of Delegates and Senate races going on, and today it looks at the 31st District, where Delegate Scott Lingamfelter is being challenged by someone by the name of William Day, a part-time psychotherapist whose only claim to fame seems to be having run the Shawn […]

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Bruce Roemmelt Panders Some More

30 March 2007 | 31st HOD District | 3 Comments

Bruce Roemmelt is working hard to invigorate his voting base, and gets a little love from the Washington Blade today in an article entitled “Virginia Democrat wins bipartisan gay support”. It’s pretty telling that all of Roemmelt’s campaign activities to date appear to be held in conjunction with gay activist groups such as the […]

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Lingamfelter Ready For A Fight

27 March 2007 | 31st HOD District, Virginia House | 14 Comments

Delegate Scott Lingamfelter has a tremendous fundraiser this evening, with about 115 people in attendance to welcome George Allen back to Prince William County. The event was emceed by Delegate Jackson Miller, and the speakers were Senator Jay O’Brien, George Allen, and House Speaker Bill Howell. If you are a “Reagan Conservative”, this […]

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