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We Won’t Be Fooled Again?

26 February 2015 | Virginia Politics, Virginia House, Virginia Senate | 5 Comments

When Republican elected officials try to tell you they’re all about conservative fiscal governance, make sure you remind them of what happened in Richmond today.
Today the conference report was released on the amendments to the biennial budget, and lo and behold, the conference report between the Republican controlled Senate of Virginia and the Republican House of Delegates […]

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VA Senate: If We Financially Destroy Your Family, Tough Crap

19 September 2014 | National Politics, Virginia Politics, Virginia Senate | 16 Comments

Are you one of the families that used to be able to afford health insurance before Obamacare loaded the marketplace up with regulations that increased premiums and made deductibles skyrocket?  We are.  We’re one of thousands of families across the Commonwealth that don’t get health insurance through an employer’s benefits plan and have to weigh […]

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Breaking: Colgan To Step Aside

25 June 2014 | 29th VA Senate | 7 Comments

We’ve been waiting, and waiting, and finally the time has come.  The Gainesville Times is reporting that Senator Chuck Colgan is not going to seek re-election in 2015.
There are a lot of potential candidates on all sides with a political pedigree, and of course a lot that don’t have one, all of whom are going to […]

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A Budget Language Fix In The Works?

10 June 2014 | 13th VA Senate, Virginia Senate | No Comments

Steve Albertson’s post at The Bull Elephant about the terrible language currently in the proposed budget has gotten at least one Senator interested in fixing that mess.  I spoke with Senator Dick Black this afternoon and he intends to introduce a floor amendment to the budget that would require any expansion of Obamacare in Virginia get […]

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Coal For Joe May

5 December 2013 | Loudoun County, Virginia Politics, Virginia Senate | 10 Comments

Subject to a recount, Senator Mark Herring has been elected Attorney General of Virginia and Senator Ralph Northam has been elected as Lieutenant Governor.  That these “progressive” warriors will exercise executive and legislative power in Virginia is a sobering thing, but there’s a chance to limit the havoc they’ll be able to wreak by flipping […]

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Freedom For Liberty Farm

4 September 2013 | Local Economy, Virginia Politics, Virginia Senate | 3 Comments

We like to think that local governments, being the closest to the people, are the ones that would be the most responsible. As we’ve seen too often in Prince William County, that’s not the case. There’s sadly no unique characteristic that makes a local government better or worse than any other level, but […]

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A 15% Tax Hike For PWC? It Could Happen.

9 February 2013 | Virginia House, Virginia Senate, Prince William County | 8 Comments

What if the Prince William County Board of Supervisors had the power to enact a local income tax to support additional spending without any voter referendum at all, and that tax could not be repealed at some later date unless some other source of revenue was made available to fund the spending that tax enabled? […]

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Dick Black on the 40th Anniversary of Roe v. Wade

23 January 2013 | Loudoun County, Virginia Senate, Prince William County | 5 Comments

If the redistricting bill passes this session, I will be in the 13th Senate District in 2015, which is currently represented by Senator Dick Black.  This video of his reaction to abortion supporters celebrating the 40th Anniversary of Roe v. Wade makes me especially excited about this possibility.

I thank God for people like this who […]

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Why The Mid-Term Redistrict Is A Good Thing

22 January 2013 | Virginia Politics, Virginia Senate | 7 Comments

Although the process used to offer a mid-term redistricting in of Senate seats in Virginia is quite unusual, anyone who actually cares about democracy in principle should welcome it.  The 2011 Senate redistricting plan was an utter disaster begging for a fix, and it is a rare credit to Senate Republicans to for once actually […]

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Coup In The Senate Today?

21 January 2013 | Virginia Politics, Virginia Senate | 7 Comments

Breaking… Prince William County Senate districts get major overhaul, Colgan’s grip on 29th Senate significantly weakened, Dick Black picks up more of Prince William County as well as Manassas Park, Barker’s district gets stronger for Dems, Bryce Reeves takes part of Prince William County, Richard Stuart and Toddy Puller are drawn out of Prince William, […]

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The Left Is So Classy

13 March 2012 | 13th VA Senate, Loudoun County, Prince William County | 20 Comments

Here’s one of the 20 messages sent to Senator Dick Black by pro-abortion activists recently:
Here is my wish for you: May it be your granddaughter who is found in filthy back room, dead in a pool of her own blood, a rusty coathanger sticking out of her vagina.
How can I possibly be inhabiting the same […]

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RINO Kills State-wide 287(g)

7 March 2012 | Illegal Aliens, Crime, Virginia Senate | 15 Comments

As Jeff Frederick so often pointed out, it’s not important that you elect Republicans to the State Senate, it’s important that you elect the right ones.
One of the “wrong” ones is Senator John Watkins, of the 10th District.  To follow up on his voting against HB 1 this year, he motioned for a voice vote yesterday on […]

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Tommy Norment Stands With Illegal Aliens

22 February 2012 | Illegal Aliens, Crime, Virginia Senate | 6 Comments

More to come on this later, but Tommy Norment voted against HB 1060 in Senate Courts of Justice Committee today, protecting CRIMINAL illegal aliens who are arrested for state or local crimes from being identified by Homeland Security and removed from this country.  Norment conclusively demonstrated that establishment Republicans cannot be trusted to ensure public safety, […]

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Establishment Republicans Put To The Test

21 February 2012 | Illegal Aliens, Virginia Senate | 3 Comments

Delegate Rich Anderson’s HB 1060 is going to be heard in the Senate Courts of Justice Committee tomorrow and we will see once and for all whether the Republican Party stands for the rule of law, or wants to ensure that unscrupulous employers (many of whom are large campaign contributors) can continue to unlawfully employ illegal aliens […]

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Dumbest Virginia Senator: Donald McEachin Wins Hands Down

12 January 2012 | Virginia Senate | 4 Comments

Liberal Democrats might have their legs all a-tingly with Senator Donald McEachin, but they should realize by now that the guy is a blithering idiot.  He blew any chances at power sharing in the Senate with antics that display a stunning level of professional incompetence.

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Manassas Mayoral Shakeup Fortells Senate Shift?

5 January 2012 | 29th VA Senate, Manassas City | 24 Comments

Reader “JimmyV” noticed a new facebook page tonight for Andy Harrover for Mayor of Manassas, which is quite surprising and raises some interesting questions.  This is the first I’d heard that Harrover was interested in the post, and raises interesting questions about what Hal Parrish’s plans might be in public service.

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Outlook For The Virginia Senate

17 November 2011 | Illegal Aliens, Virginia Senate | 12 Comments

Before we get too giddy about Republicans taking control of the Senate of Virginia, and how that’s going to make it so much easier to get legislation dealing with the illegal immigration issue passed this session, it’s worth taking a sober look at what the prospects actually are.  While Dick Saslaw’s regime in the senate […]

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Election Guide - Senate of Virginia Candidates

7 November 2011 | Virginia Senate, Prince William County | 2 Comments

Upset that Virginia hasn’t done anything about charter schools, illegal immigration, getting out of the liquor business, merit pay for teachers, or dealing with exploding entitlements, to name a few items?  The Senate is where all the bills to reform Virginia go to die, and Senate Majority Dick Saslaw is the one who makes sure that happens. […]

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Chuck Colgan Can’t Handle The Truth

7 November 2011 | 29th VA Senate | 23 Comments

Chuck Colgan’s facebook page featured an ad today where he states “the next time someone tells you that I voted to raise taxes, please ask them to show you a copy of my vote on that particular tax.”  Now there’s something I can help Senator Colgan with, but instead of waiting until someone discusses it […]

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Let’s Find This Guy

5 November 2011 | 36th VA Senate, Crime, Prince William County | No Comments

Be on the lookout for the following individual who has been observed destroying candidate’s signs in Woodbridge:  Male, 30-35 years old, driving a dark colored automobile with Virginia license plate “X 2 BOAT” which was last seen in the Belmont Bay neighborhood.  If you observe this vehicle please contact the Jeff Frederick campaign at (571) […]

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