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Rules Are For Those Other People?

2 November 2007 | 28th VA Senate | 19 Comments

The Stafford Freelance-Star points out in an editorial today how Governor Kaine is demonstrably eager to violate rules when it comes to promoting the candidacy of Democrat Al Pollard in the 28th Senate District.  This is going to hurt.

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Van Hoy’s Self-Sabotage

20 May 2007 | 28th VA Senate | 16 Comments

A funny thing happened at the polls in the 28th District on Saturday.  After the polls closed at 3PM, caucus voters kept showing up, and many of them indicated that they intended to vote for Van Hoy and expected the polls to close at 7PM as they do in general and special elections.  Why did […]

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Stuart Wins in 28th

19 May 2007 | 28th VA Senate | Comments Off

Virtucon is reporting that Richard Stuart seems to have come out on top in the 28th District Republican canvass, with Van Hoy coming in second. More to follow once official results are in…

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Predictions In The 28th Senate District

15 May 2007 | 28th VA Senate | 18 Comments

May 19th is the primary for the 28th Senate District, and I usually try to make predictions in these races based on the buzz I’ve been hearing. Since I’m somewhat removed from the 28th District my intel on this race is a little thinner than usual, but I’m going to charge ahead regardless and […]

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Last Minute Money in the 28th

15 May 2007 | 28th VA Senate | 3 Comments

With the 28th Senate District firehouse primary only days away, the last minute money is slamming in to campaign committees which desperate to find any edge they can get before May 19th. Right now we’re in a period where large contributions (those over $1,000) are required to be reported to SBE within 24 hours, […]

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28th District Forum Tomorrow

14 May 2007 | 28th VA Senate | 7 Comments

The Stafford County Republican Committee will hold a forum for candidates seeking the Republican nomination in the 28th Senate District tomorrow evening at 7PM. Candidates John Van Hoy, Joe Graziano, John Myers and Richard Stewart will participate and take questions from a panel as well as members of the audience. I am not […]

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Fireworks In The 28th

24 April 2007 | 28th VA Senate | 10 Comments

Joe Graziano, one of the candidates seeking the Republican nomination in the 28th District, is none to happy with Speaker Howell’s recent endorsement of late entry Richard Stuart. Stuart completed part of one term as Commonwealth Attorney on the Northern Neck, and apparently thinks he’s in a position to compete with Pollard, since […]

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A First Look At John Myers

8 April 2007 | 28th VA Senate | 10 Comments

Jim Riley has posted an interview with 28th Senate District candidate John Myers who at least can give a decent email interview, although this race hasn’t yet fleshed out many of the themes which I expect will help differentiate the candidates from each other. Thus, there aren’t a whole lot of very interesting questions […]

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New Virginia Blogger

26 March 2007 | 28th VA Senate | 6 Comments

Joe Graziano, candidate for the Republican nomination in the 28th Senate District, has unveiled his new campaign website. On blogger. That’s right, instead of actually mounting a campaign he’s joined the Virginia blogosphere with a strange site where he blogs in the third person while posting press releases under his own name. […]

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More Confusion In Stafford

14 March 2007 | 28th VA Senate | 5 Comments

While I’ve been trying to sort out the bizarre story that seems to have descended on the 28th District over the past several days, I’ve learned that instead of Dan Chichester being the candidate who gets handed the baton from retiring Senator John Chichester, it’s likely going to be Stafford Vice Chairman Coyd Sterling. […]

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It’s A Convention. So What?

14 March 2007 | 28th VA Senate | 12 Comments

Not Larry Sabato has an interesting post up regarding the confusion that has apparently been reigning within the 28th Senate District Committee regarding the method of selecting a Republican candidate to fill the seat of retiring Senator John Chichester. His take essentially is that “moderates” screwed up and missed the opportunity to have an […]

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Chichester Is Out

12 March 2007 | 28th VA Senate | 5 Comments

I just got the word that the expected retirement of John Chichester has actually happened. Oh, happy days!

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Chichester Rumors Are Rampant

11 March 2007 | 28th VA Senate | 3 Comments

The Virginia political blogosphere is buzzing with rumors that Senator John Chichester will announce his retirement on Monday. I haven’t been able to independently confirm this, but the information appears credible and seems to be coming from multiple sources (see VCAP and right-wing liberal). As far as blogosphere rumors go, this seems to […]

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Chichester’s Chances Fading

4 March 2007 | 28th VA Senate | 7 Comments

Now that Russ Potts is has come to the realization that his re-election was a longshot and has retired, the hot-topic Republican primary for this season is in the 28th District where a clearly embattled John Chichester is all but certain to face off against a Republican challenger in a primary. Rumors have been […]

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Chichester In His Own Words

22 February 2007 | 28th VA Senate | 7 Comments

For those who aren’t quite sure about John Chichester’s devotion to Republican principles, here he is in his own words, courtesy of the Fredericksburg Free Lance-Star:

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Chichester Death Spiral Watch

15 November 2006 | 28th VA Senate | 3 Comments

John Chichester, the Virginia elected official voted “most deserving of a primary challenge” by BVBL has recently added to the laundry list of reasons for removing this embarrassment from elected office with his notion that the General Assembly is working too hard and too long. After relentlessly pushing for tax raises, stonewalling a compromise […]

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