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Ya Think?

By Greg L | 1 November 2013 | National Politics | 3 Comments

Gee, I wish someone would have presented these arguments to Democrats when we were debating whether to enact TrainWreckCare. Had someone pointed these arguments out to President Obama, that it is unfair to penalize people for not buying mandatory insurance they cannot afford, maybe things would have turned out differently.

Ken Cuccinelli At The Bristow GOTV Rally

By Greg L | 30 October 2013 | Virginia Politics | 11 Comments

Ken held a rally one week out from the election at a packed Victory Office in Bristow, VA along with Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal. Here are his full remarks.

Share this widely.  There are a lot of voters out there who know nothing about this election other than what they’ve seen in thirty second television commercials.

Bobby Jindal At Ken Cuccinelli’s GOTV Rally

By Greg L | 30 October 2013 | Virginia Politics | 2 Comments

Ken Cuccinelli had a great event in Bristow on Monday with Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal. Share this with your friends.

Bob Marshall’s Curious Cohort

By Greg L | 29 October 2013 | 13th HOD District, Virginia Politics | 1 Comment

Funny how the supposed “War On Women” Democrats keep harping about is apparently sponsored in part by Democratic Senator Chuck Colgan.

If you’d like to see this running on cable this week, swing by this fundraising page. Every time it runs, a Democrat’s head explodes.

E. W. Jackson Money Bomb

By Greg L | 25 October 2013 | Virginia Politics | 10 Comments

E. W. Jackson is a fearless conservative, and he can use your help in the home stretch to get his message out.  Go to his website right now and pitch in what you can.

Polls have been consistently showing this race as being a toss-up and your help can make the difference.  Perhaps the best part of a Jackson victory would be that establishment wouldn’t ever be able to claim that we must to nominate more mushy, milquetoast moderates if Republican candidates are ever going to win.

E. W. Jackson: Inspiration from NOVA Digital Films on Vimeo.

The Hammer Comes Down On BVBL

By Greg L | 22 October 2013 | Local Media, Humor & Satire | 15 Comments

This is about the strangest communication I’ve ever gotten from the Commonwealth of Virginia.  Which Democrat did I piss off this time?

Funny, I never thought I was a charity before.

Ralph Northam: Kill Babies So They Don’t Suffer Anxiety

By Greg L | 16 October 2013 | Virginia Politics | 19 Comments

Here you have it, voters of Virginia.  The Ralph Northam supporters say that 4 in 10 unplanned pregnancies end in abortions, but that’s “okay” because those dead children are spared from the possibility of suffering anxiety or remorse.  You apparently can save people from all sorts of problems in life if you simply exterminate them before they have the opportunity to experience life at all.


Veterans Revolt Against Obama Administration

By Greg L | 13 October 2013 | National Politics, Patriotism | 18 Comments


Sunday morning’s veterans rally at the World War II memorial became the spark for a peaceful revolt against the tyranny and oppression of the Obama administration, as veterans tore down barriers intended to keep them away from the very memorials that honor their service and dragged them to the White House.  They stormed beaches, they walked “point” in the jungles of Southeast Asia, they rolled across the deserts of the middle east and they’re certainly not going to be intimidated by metal barriers with “do not enter” signs.


Jaime Radtke: Stand With Ken!

By Greg L | 11 October 2013 | Virginia Politics | 1 Comment

For those of you who align with the libertarian movement, I commend to you this very insightful piece written by Jaime Radtke.  There are a handful of people in Virginia who have been instrumental in promoting that cause in Virginia, and Jaime is not only one of them, but perhaps the person who started that whole movement in Virginia long before anyone heard of an obscure congressman from Texas named Ron Paul.  Her message is clear and undeniable: if you stand for liberty in Virginia, you need to stand with Ken Cuccinelli. (more…)

Terry McAuliffe: An Environmental Disaster Waiting To Happen

By Greg L | 9 October 2013 | Virginia Politics | 3 Comments

If you’re an environmentalist, or even a conservationist for that matter, the prospect of Terry McAuliffe becoming governor of Virginia should utterly terrify you.

While Terry will return the money he took from a scam artist who stole the identities of terminally ill people, he hasn’t returned the $120,000 he got from the Liberian International Ship and Corporation Registry (LISCR), which acts as an official arm of the Liberian government as it peddles their “flag of convenience” scam against the rest of the world.  This entity actively facilitates lax regulations and non-enforcement of basic maritime safety for international shipping so that Liberia can boost their foreign currency income by 25% while major shipping conglomerates save billions of dollars by avoiding any effective oversight whatsoever.  Liberia wins, huge shipping companies win, and the rest of the world loses.


Rally Against The Outer Beltway

By Greg L | 6 October 2013 | Loudoun County, Local Economy, Virginia Politics, Prince William County | 2 Comments

Ken Cuccinelli delivered these remarks at the Rally Against The Bi-County Parkway (which I refer to as the Outer Beltway), making it very clear that this November we have a choice for Governor between one person who stands with people, and another whom stands for anyone willing to cut him a check. (more…)

The Feds Make Up Fake Laws In Order To Harass Taxpayers

By Greg L | 4 October 2013 | National Politics, Crime, Prince William County | 15 Comments

With the shutdown of the federal government comes the closure of Manassas Battlefield National Park.  You’d expect from this that the doors would be locked at the visitor’s center, that gates might be closed, and that there wouldn’t be any park service employees at the park.  On that last point though, you’d be wrong.  They on the job, busily making up laws to cite while putting tickets on the cars of anyone they think may be on the grounds and citing laws that don’t exist as justification.


A Family-Friendly Candidate Debate

By Greg L | 2 October 2013 | PWCDC, Prince William County | 33 Comments

Nothing makes you feel more at home at a public candidate debate than to have an officer of the Prince William Committee of 100 invite you to photograph his balls.


Terry McAuliffe And The War Criminals

By Greg L | 1 October 2013 | Virginia Politics, Crime | 8 Comments

When an agency of the Liberian government showed up as one of Terry McAuliffe’s large campaign donors I couldn’t help but feel there was something terribly wrong.  Foreign governments funding candidates in Virginia elections?  If this were a federal election, such donations would be patently illegal.  What hadn’t occurred to me was that this entity was involved in arms smuggling in Sierra Leone and the person who established it is a convicted war criminal now serving a 50 year sentence after being found guilty by a UN war crimes tribunal.  For all the whining the mainstream media has engaged in about Star Scientific, it’s utter silence about McAuliffe accepting $120,000 from war criminals is absolutely staggering.


The Democrat War On Christianity

By Greg L | 23 September 2013 | Local Media, Virginia Politics | 14 Comments

Bishop E. W. Jackson gave a sermon this Sunday in Northern Virginia.  Not a political rally, he was delivering a sermon.  The Washington Post then writes an article about the sermon as if this was some sort of political event, sourced by a “Democrat tracker” who apparently was following Jackson around in church, and they entitle it “E.W. Jackson says non-Christians are engaged in ‘some sort of false religion’.”

Democrats really ought to call a cease-fire in their open war against Christianity.


Gerry Connolly: A Heartless Monster

By Greg L | 20 September 2013 | Gerry Connolly | 7 Comments

When the family members left behind after this Administration abandoned their sons, fathers and husbands in Bengazi went to talk to Congress, Gerry Connolly walked out on them.  Ambassador Chris Stevens, US Foreign Service Officer Sean Smith, and Navy SEALs Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods died during an hours-long battle with terrorists, abandoned by an administration that actively prevented a rescue operation from being launched to save them.  Family members of these fallen heroes wanted their chance to talk to their elected representatives to share their thoughts on this tragedy and when they had their chance, Jerry Connolly wouldn’t even listen to them.  He walked out along with fourteen other Democrats.

When Gerry Connolly won’t even listen to those whose family members died in service to the United States, but goes out of his way to speak with illegal aliens so they can demand special treatment as a reward for breaking our laws, we have a huge problem in the 11th Congressional District.  This is beyond disgusting.  Gerry Connolly is a heartless monster who intentionally hurts people because they have lead noble lives and sacrificed those lives for us, while at the same time he aids and abets criminals who knowingly intend to undermine and harm our country.

Bob McDonnell Trashes His Legacy

By Greg L | 5 September 2013 | Virginia Politics | 7 Comments

When Bob McDonnell championed Virginia’s largest-ever tax hike as his signature achievement, a lot of us on the conservative side thought there couldn’t possibly be any worse way for McDonnell to seal the memory of his administration.  Today, he attempts to eclipse that outrageous betrayal of the principles he claimed he held by disregarding the state Constitution and extending benefits to same-sex “married” persons.  One wonders at this point whether there’s any previously “deeply held” convictions remaining in Bob McDonnell that haven’t been casually discarded for one reason or another.


Freedom For Liberty Farm

By Greg L | 4 September 2013 | Local Economy, Virginia Politics, Virginia Senate | 3 Comments

We like to think that local governments, being the closest to the people, are the ones that would be the most responsible. As we’ve seen too often in Prince William County, that’s not the case. There’s sadly no unique characteristic that makes a local government better or worse than any other level, but at least it’s a bit easier to remove tyrants and miscreants from office when their districts are smaller than a county.


Let Loose The Charter Schools

By Greg L | 28 August 2013 | Schools, Virginia Politics | 6 Comments

Education policy was the topic of Ken Cuccinelli’s statement on the 50th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King’s march on Washington, and it’s a policy area where we in Virginia haven’t had much in the way of bold new proposals in the past.  Sure, Virginia is a signature state for homeschooling, but that simply allows parents to flee a broken system - it doesn’t actually fix the system in any way.  Particularly for those who are of modest means and have both parents in the workforce, if they have both parents at home, whatever the quality of the local public schools happens to be is the only quality in education they’re likely to ever see.


Bob Marshall Files Suit Against The NVTA

By Greg L | 15 August 2013 | 13th HOD District, Virginia Politics | 8 Comments

Delegate Bob Marshall has filed suit against the Northern Virginia Transportation Authority saying that the process being used to select projects for funding does not comply with the law passed by the General Assembly.  In essence, NVTA has ignored input from their town hall meetings from residents, failed to evaluate the congestion or safety improvements that projects would deliver and instead started to proceed on the projects that the developer-corrupted NVTA wanted to ram down our throats anyways.