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RPV Convention 2014: Shak Hill For Senate

By Greg L | 4 June 2014 | RPV, US Senate | 8 Comments

On Friday and Saturday, a few of my fellow conservatives will be travelling down to Roanoke for the Republican State Convention to select a nominee to challenge Mark Warner’s Senate seat.  In a year where there’s a pretty pitched battle between establishment moderates and the conservative grassroots, this might be a far more interesting convention than conventional wisdom suggests, as the Bull Elephant so adroitly explained yesterday.


RPV Executive Director Under Investigation?

By Greg L | 16 May 2014 | RPV, Virginia Politics | 5 Comments

Following the drama of the RPV Executive Director hosting amnesty activists two days after taking the job comes now rumors of him being the subject of an active investigation involving insider trading.  The story — still unconfirmed — is that during his tenure on the Louisa County Board of Supervisors he became aware of an economic development deal in the county and snapped up a bunch of land parcels that would be part of that development.  Reporters in the mainstream media are working on the story which I expect to break within the next day or so.

Funny how when Eric Cantor and Ed Gillespie manage to slam in their own people at the head of the Republican Party of Virginia there’s a never-ending string of scandals that emerge involving bad policyquestionable ethics and corporatist greed for our opponents to churn into campaign fodder.  Yet somehow these are the ones who are supposed to possess the sole ability to bring victory to “conservative” principles in the state.


UPDATE: Julian Walker with the Virginia Pilot is first out of the gate with the story.  Ouch.

The Best Part About Saturday

By Greg L | 9 May 2014 | Virginia Politics, US Congress | 2 Comments

… is that we might never be subject to the inane, incoherent rantings of Gerald Geddes ever again.  If ever there was a person not suited for campaigning for public office, he would be the guy.

Of equal note, the excellent Suzanne Scholte is almost guaranteed to be the Republican nominee to take on Gerry Connolly in November after Saturday’s 11th District Convention. Consider it a two-fer: we get Geddes to shut the hell up, and hear a lot more from Suzanne.

It’s all good. Real good.

UPDATE: As expected, Scholte wins with 68.33% of the vote.  Connolly has a real race on his hands if Scholte can raise some decent money for her campaign.  To make Saturday even better, Linwood Cobb gets the boot from the 7th District Chairmanship in a huge blow to the establishment and a remarkable victory for the grassroots.  Eric Cantor better wake up here, or he might be next.

PWCS Buying Scam Awards: How Illegal Is It?

By Greg L | 9 May 2014 | Crime, Prince William County | No Comments

In January The Sheriff pointed out how Prince William County was buying meaningless fraudulent awards from “The Government Finance Officers Association” just so it could issue a press release announcing how great its financial documents were.  Yesterday, Prince William County Schools announced that it also has been recognized by this same fraudulent entity in the same way Prince William County was recognized previously.  Today, let’s discuss the implications of the Virginia Fraud Against Taxpayers Act in relation to the Prince William County Schools perpetrating this known fraud against us, as it doesn’t seem that sunlight has done a whole lot towards cleaning up this disastrous mess.


AG Herring Draws A Bar Association Complaint

By Greg L | 29 April 2014 | Illegal Aliens, Virginia Politics | 8 Comments

Soon after Mark Herring became our Attorney General it became obvious that he’s much more of a politician than a lawyer. Just how bad a lawyer he is hasn’t been quite so obvious perhaps until today when he publicly released privileged correspondence because it had significance for the leftist political agenda to which he has devoted the Office of the Attorney General.

First year law students don’t screw up this badly, because they know better.


The VA-10th Primary

By Greg L | 25 April 2014 | Virginia Politics, US Congress | 20 Comments

Tomorrow Republicans (and doubtless a few Democrats) will go to polling locations across the 10th Congressional District to select a Republican nominee for Congress to replace Frank Wolf.  By all appearances this is going to be a not terribly competitive matchup between the establishment’s well-funded candidate Barbara Comstock and the typically under-funded Conservative Bob Marshall.


RPV Has A Mess To Clean Up

By Greg L | 15 April 2014 | RPV, Virginia Politics | 15 Comments

The truth (is now) out there.  Contrary to his recent claims to the contrary, Shaun Kenny is actually on the Eric Cantor and Barbara Comstock payroll, and doubtless we will discover in short order what exactly his financial relationships with Ed Gillespie is as well.  Secrets don’t last very long in politics, and lies have a nasty habit of being discovered.  The only uncertainty is when that happens, not if.


To Whom Does RPV Now Pander?

By Greg L | 5 April 2014 | RPV, Virginia Politics | 15 Comments

Yeah, just in case anyone was under the impression that our new Executive Director of the Republican Party of Virginia was serving the interests of Virginia Republicans by inviting these folks into his headquarters for an unprecedented “unscheduled” meeting, here’s what “Fast For Families” is touting on their twitter feed.

Sure, it’s a good idea to pander to the interests of “Organizing for America” in hopes someday those folks will vote for you.  Really.


Ed Gillespie’s Opening Salvo For Open Borders

By Greg L | 4 April 2014 | RPV, Virginia Politics | 10 Comments

The newly-minted Executive Director of the Republican Party of Virginia sure didn’t waste any time looking for a conservative pulpit to talk about Republican values.

“This is not an issue of right or left, this is an issue of right and wrong. And that’s what we need to hear… If we are going to have any sort of solution on immigration policy that is moral, that is just, that honors the sacrifices not just of our families and friends and our forefathers but of what America ought to be — you’ve done a small part here today. I can’t thank you enough for coming here today,” stated Shaun Kenney, Executive Director, Virginia Republican Party. “From our perspective, if we only do this [immigration reform] because we are gathering votes – wrong motive. Let’s do it because it’s the right thing to do. Let’s do it because it is moral and just and because it builds a better America.”

Welcome to the new Republican party.  I for one welcome our new SEIU and open borders lobbyist overlords.


Gerald Geddes, Just Go Away, Please

By Greg L | 12 March 2014 | Fairfax County, Virginia Politics, US Congress, Prince William County | 2 Comments

I hope that most of you, unlike myself, have not been subjected to the ongoing clown show that has been the communications effort from Gerald Geddes. His bid for the Republican nomination in the 11th Congressional District of Virginia has been an ongoing demonstration of what happens when an idiot campaigner is armed with an email account while left unsupervised by anyone with a clue about how political campaigns are done.  About all he’s accomplished so far in my view is to make Gerry Connolly look comparatively good, which is a pretty monumental task considering the degree to which I loathe Gerry Connolly.


Crucifying Conservatives For Fun And Profit

By Greg L | 27 February 2014 | RPV, Blogs | 22 Comments

As the Communications Arm of the Barbara Comstock campaign continues in their drive to crucify anyone who stands in the way of Comstock’s coronation, we might want to step back for a moment and consider just what the long-term impact might be of this new, leftist-style penchant for wanting to destroy good and decent conservatives with whom we might not always agree with.  I understand it when Bearing Drift trots out their usual name-calling and ad-hominem attacks against me when I express a policy difference with their political clients, but to level this kind of assault against someone like Bob Fitzsimmonds is just insane. (more…)

Are We Embarrassed Yet?

By Greg L | 23 February 2014 | Schools, Manassas City, Prince William County | 29 Comments

 This year’s VEX Robotics state championship at both the High School and Middle School division levels were dominated by a small private school in Manassas.  Not some deep-pocketed private school that educates children in state-of-the-art, LEED certified, renewable energy-powered, technology laden campuses delivering a Pearson Education curriculum, but a pretty spartan school that still uses chalkboards and Number Two Pencils for everything, and spends far less per pupil than every jurisdiction in the area.

How in the heck is that possible?

2014 Virginia State VEX Robotics Champions - High School Division - Seton School


Seven Tips For The FBI

By Greg L | 19 February 2014 | Crime, Prince William County | 7 Comments

It’s been several years since the FBI moved into their new building in Prince William County, and they’ve finally gotten around to announcing that they’re interested in investigating government corruption.  My, will wonders ever cease?  A federal agency announces it has an interest in doing its job?  What a shocker, I know.

In hopes that there’s actual interest on the part of the FBI in investigating and prosecuting government corruption, a good friend of mine has compiled a fairly extensive list of documented instances where government officials in Prince William County have diverted taxpayer funds for their own personal benefit they might be able to use to get the ball rolling.


End The War On Pizza

By Greg L | 16 February 2014 | Schools, Prince William County | 4 Comments

In Prince William County budget season is once again upon us, and that makes it time for government officials to talk to us about pizza.  Apparently we eat too much pizza, as it seems that every year they lecture us that if we do not reduce our pizza intake by some arbitrary amount and hand the savings over to government in the form of higher taxes, we cannot possibly avert the impending and otherwise entirely unavoidable global apocalypse of anthropogenic (man-made) stupidity.


On Business, Blogging and Politics

By Greg L | 15 February 2014 | Virginia Politics, Blogs | 31 Comments

It seems some bloggers aren’t quite as interested in their readers knowing the truth as I am, so as much as I don’t want to write this, I really feel I have no other choice.


How Much Does It Cost A Campaign To Buy A Blogger?

By Greg L | 13 February 2014 | Virginia Politics, Blogs, US Congress | 12 Comments

The next time you see some blog post supporting Barbara Comstock or trashing her opponents with silly arguments, make sure you ask yourself this question: is the person writing this article on Barbara Comstock’s payroll?  Or is the local self-styled pundit who is clogging up a comments thread being paid to do so by a campaign?  In many, if not almost all cases of late, the answer to that question is yes.


The Comstock Coronation Derailed?

By Greg L | 9 February 2014 | 13th HOD District, US Congress | 3 Comments

A credible source has tipped me off that in the next few days Delegate Bob Marshall will announce a run for the 10th Congressional District, having obtained the level of grassroots support he feels he needs to run a strong and credible campaign for Congress.  Barbara Comstock may well have a real race on her hands, instead of the coronation it seems that some have tried to engineer in this race.

There’s a host of other candidates and potential candidates who have jumped at this opportunity, from former 10th District Chairman Howie Lind and policy wonk Stephen Hollingshead, all the way down to the narcissist gadfly Tareq Salahi and the miserable Rob Wasinger who has since announced he will not run. Among this list of candidates, only Comstock and Marshall have experience as elected officials and between those two Marshall’s record is much broader, highly distinguished, and far more reliably conservative, although either would probably acquit of themselves well in the office. As for the political newbies, they range from quite interesting to downright ridiculous, but probably don’t stand much of a chance running against a Democrat nominee who almost certainly will have a record of elected experience.

This race is getting a lot more interesting, and that almost certainly is a good thing.

UPDATE: It’s official now, Bob is in.

PWC Outlook for 2014

By Greg L | 1 January 2014 | Prince William County | 12 Comments

What will the New Year bring to Prince William County?  Hold on to your hats folks, it’s going to be a rather bumpy ride.


Frank Wolf Retires

By Greg L | 17 December 2013 | Fairfax County, Loudoun County, Manassas Park, Manassas City, US Congress, Prince William County | 10 Comments

Frank Wolf has announced he will not seek re-election in 2014, which is guaranteed to kick off quite a contest to see who the Republican nominee will be.

Does Barbara Comstock have this locked down, or will there actually be a contest?  We’re going to find out pretty soon.

UPDATE: Dick Black is looking at a run for this seat, which would be fascinating.  He’s got a solid record and has performed very well in the Virginia Senate.  What makes this even better is that it would be likely that Republicans could hold this Senate seat if Black is successful, which might not be the case with several other rumored candidates.

UPDATE 2: Keith Fimian, who narrowly lost to Gerry Connolly in the 11th District during the Republican wave election of 2010, has announced he intends to run as well.

Coal For Joe May

By Greg L | 5 December 2013 | Loudoun County, Virginia Politics, Virginia Senate | 10 Comments

Subject to a recount, Senator Mark Herring has been elected Attorney General of Virginia and Senator Ralph Northam has been elected as Lieutenant Governor.  That these “progressive” warriors will exercise executive and legislative power in Virginia is a sobering thing, but there’s a chance to limit the havoc they’ll be able to wreak by flipping at least one of the two senate seats they’ve vacated to the Republican side.  With a Republican majority in the Senate, the opportunity for Ralph Northam to cast a tie-breaking vote diminishes enormously and given Northam’s ardent support of gun control, abortion, growing government and other liberal causes the importance of putting this kind of muzzle on him cannot be overstated.